berchtesgaden national park


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berchtesgaden national park


Coming down the skyline drive it's like a well kept secret, so beautiful! After France it was a refreshing change of scenery. The Germans are very friendly & helpful for lost tourists!


Visited this ages ago and really found it worth visiting. If you are a history buff it's great to see where history was played out. The guides gave really informative talks too. There was a bit of a queue to eat at lunch time.So avoid busy times for eating if possible.


Yes it's pretty but it takes up a tiny part of Germany while the Lake District takes up huge chunks of the UK. This place also feels sterile and without romance. The Lake District has that. Perhaps I just like the UK too much for it's literature and beauty, but I felt cold around here.


Worth the trip if you are close to the area. If you take the bus up, this was more like a half-day trip from Salzburg. Beautiful views!


yeah, I'm reviewing something from 1967 (no not this year). BUT, it was such a beautiful place and so 'German" that I couldn't help myself. I learned to ski there (sorta) and the food, drink and people are just wonderful.Can't go wrong if you are in Germany to make the Berchtesgaden one of your stops.....I'd go back in a second.


Walk for hours and see no-one but everything. Stop for a radler whilst climbing to the Blau ice glacier, the only glacier in Germany and have a fantastic meal at the top.


The hiking. My Grandson and I had a wonderful time. We will return. the area has a lot to offer. Connie from Tempe,Arizona


Ride a small cable car to jenner bahn about 45minutes and walk 15 minutes. You will see stunning view from top of the mountain. Valuable to go there^^For kognigsee lake, my favorite place is Obersee where i have to take a boat to Salet and walk about 1 hour. The obersee lake is quite small among with mountain so water in lake quite still. The lake look like mirror. Amazing view!!! You will see everything in the mountain on the lake.


Berchtesgaden National Park is a great place to hike! We stayed 6 days and could barely decide which hike to do the next day. There is one for everyone: easy ones, flat ones, long ones, difficult ones... Remember to always bring good hiking shoes.When you're a young hiker, the times on the signs are mostly too long. We're not rookies but no experts either and it took us a little more than half of the time they wrote on the sign.


This is quite a hike, but it is so worth it! Start the hike early if you plan to take the cable car down because they stop cable service around 4 - 4:30pm. You will want some time at the top because the views are incredible! We felt so accomplished after our hike up this mountain!


There are electric boats available for tickets to go to St Bartholomew's Church and Saletalm. There are two different boat trips to St Bartholomew and Saletalm.You can be able to hike to the waterfall near St Bartholomew's Church and can dip the lake water by feet There are restaurant next to St Bartholomew's Church and also tourist store


Walked across to the lake and took a boat trip which was spectacular. Walked on to next lake which is also well worth the visit. Weather was perfect, scenery marvellous and boat trip rep spoke great English and was very amusing. Worth doing


Visit and hike the Konigsee, Ramsau, and the Document Center and if the weather is clear Eagle's nest. There are many comfortable hotels and restaurants. We did the mountain road by car and you get a spectacular view of the valley to Salzburg. The fast way through Austria from Munich requires the autobahn pass in Austria.


We went for a day hike from the Koningssee parking area to Gotsenalm via Koningsalm and down on the other side (taking the boat back across the lake) and the day could not have been better. Absolutely stunning scenery all day and terribly touristy at the end for good measure.


Absolutely spectacular I traveled here with friends everyone we made contact with was so polite. We were there during the annual light show down on the water it an all night event the only thing I can say the shop at the top is pricey the food was extremely good. You can spend all day hiking trails.

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