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schloss herrenchiemsee



We visited most of King Ludwigs Palaces and he spared no expense on any we saw, including Herrenchiemsee. The Hall of Mirrors shows opulence beyond belief, his State Staircase and staterooms are as impressive and lavish as indeed his other projects around Bavaria. A replica of Versailles a "Temple of Fame" for King Louis XIV of France, Ludwig's imagination was as endless as he thought his finances to support it was!


This is a great experience. Much less commercialized than the more famous Neuschwanstein Castle. I wish we would have gone in the right season though when the horse drawn carriages still run and the fountains are uncovered and flowing. The plus side though is that there was hardly anyone there!


Last year I visited Herrenchiemsee again after not having been there for a while. Now everything is organized a little different and I think more easy. You buy tickets for the castle immediately after arriving on the island with the boat. You can decide right the whether you want a guided tour in German or English. Other languages are also available. You can go to the castle with a horse coach or take the 15 minute walk. The guided tour is marvelous as always. Herrenchiemsee was built after the model of Versailles since king Ludwig the second, the fairy tale king was a big admirer. This king also built the castle of Neuschwanstein. What is new is that there are exhibitions in the unfinished part of the castle now that was not open for visitors before. I would highly recommend to make a trip to Herrenchiemsee and to also visit the beautiful flower and artists island of Frauenchiemsee and have lunch or coffee there.


I think that after seeing this castle which is incomplete. This structure needs to be finished. Along with all his other projects. There is nothing mad about the beauty of the castles in Germany no matter how elaborate. Was there in 2004


To arrive here you must take the ferry from Prien (7,4 euro ) and then pay 8 euro for ticket. I'm honest: the castle inside is nice, a little (very little) copy of Versailles, , but unfortunately in winter, with snow and cold, you can't appreciate it at all. Probably in Spring or Summer it's nicer because you can walk through gardens, see fountains and explore the island.


After visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, we were much intrigued by King Ludwig II and decided to take a trip to Herrenchiemsee.While Neuschwanstein Castle was a homage to tales, this was modeled after the Versailles and has an entirely different feel. All visitors have to take a walking tour through the grounds. The guide we had was interesting and provided much information about the palace. Highly recommended.We went in Winter when a lot of the facilities were closed. The fountains outside were all covered and we can only imagine how amazing they would look in Summer, the steam train from the train station to Lake Chiemsee was also not available and we had to hike a good 20 minutes back and forth, the boats to the island were also less frequent, even the souvenir shops were closed!That being said, we really enjoyed our time here. Herrenchiemsee was beautiful, the boat ride on Lake Chiemsee had stunning views of the alps and it was not as crowded as Neuschwanstein. We even manged to make a short trip to Salzburg after that.


The experience of taking the ferry out there was part of the fun. Going in December was much less crowded but at the same time, unfortunately the statues are mostly covered to protect them from the cold temperatures. From the ferry dock it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk to the Palace. Once at the Palace it's pretty but not one of the most breathtaking ones I've seen. The island is pretty and feels remote even though it really isn't. Something to do if you're in the area.


We visited this attraction on a foggy late fall day when the fountains were all covered for the winter. The palace itself was not a disappointment. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and was tolerant of our17 month old who was not in the mood to tour. Not inexpensive...40 euro for 2 adults and a 6 year old to take the ferry to the castle and take the tour, but it was an experience I wont forget


We had already visited the two other castles and this palace cost more to build than the two others combined, it was magnificent. The tour was excellent, the interior was breathtaking, it was also great to see parts of the unfinished palace, such a shame he ran out of money, but his legacy towards tourism in Bavaria is amazing


I visited this castle with 20 of my coworkers as a social event. The castle is amazing! It is impossible to fully grasp the full sense of how much $ was spent on the castle!!!The maintenance of the castle is excellent, and the tours are great. Our tour guide was polite and knowledgable. Something worth noting too is how accessible the castle is once you are in it. Good judgement is trusted: there are a lot of exhibit items that are within reach that are not behind glass. I like this. The castle felt less like a museum, and we knew not to touch out of respect.


This was our second visit to Schloss Herrenchiemsee. Since our first visit in 1984 it has become much more "touristy" with more "plastic protectors" and faster tours. BUT you must still make the visit because even now the opulence of King Ludwig's whimsical effort to mimic France's Château de Versailles will amaze you. The museum within the building does a great job of displaying the "Mad King's" magical and tragic life. The Schloss (castle) is on an island in Chiemsee (Chiem Lake, named for a Roman general who was posted on its shores) and requires a charming boat ride. I recommend you take the carriage from the dock to the Schloss as it is a good hike. The ride is through beautiful parkland. You can walk back--but the day we visited it was raining and the two-way covered ride was smartest for us old folks.


We visited this hidden gem this summer by boat. The fact that it is situated on a relatively uninhabited island makes it all the more special. The inside grandeur is on a par with the palace at Versailles. The gold bed, hall of mirrors and massive chandelier made completely from china by hand with thousands of intricate flowers are all amazing sights to behold. Worth visiting with children, especially girls who will definitely think they have been transported to a real-life Disney castle.I do think the tour guide could have made a lot more of the experience by having a better command of English and therefore being able to give more detailed information about what we were seeing in each room.


Guided tour, so you go at their pace, not your own. I gave it a good rating because the castle is very opulent, detailed and extravagant. It's modeled after the Versailles and was commissioned by Ludwig 2nd, he liked to do it big and rich. This costs a lot of money, that's probably why the fund him dead in his lake at a very young age with no apparent cause for it happening. This castle did not disappoint as far as the rich extravagance. The biggest downside of any attraction is when they don't let tourists take pictures of a place. It really doesn't make any sense and is bad for business in general because you get a downgraded rating on travel boards like this. If people want pictures of your palace, they can just download it off the internet. I was in the gift shop afterwards and didn't see a single person buy their overpriced pictures. There's no way they can say a camera without a flash is bad for the interior either, because that's the same as looking at it with your eyes. I see so many places and castles that they all start running together after awhile so I like to take pictures to keep it all sorted. The island around the palace is peaceful to stroll through and there's a minimum of tourists. The ferries are expensive and take forever to get from point A-B and they really make little sense in the routes they travel between the 3 small islands. It would be good for a picnic, but the other islands don't have anything besides a couple of expensive cafes and 1 tourist shop. I'd stay on Herren and forget the rest unless you're just really bored.


Almost no need to travel to France to see the palace of Versaille since King Ludwig II had one built in Bavaria!Even though it was not fully completed, it was a beautiful place to visit. Starting with a nice ferry trip to the island on which the castle is built, followed by a horse and carriage ride up to the castle with its wonderful grounds full of flowers and many, many amazing fountains.We did the tour which takes you trough the castle. The guide was very informative and explained King Ludwig II's reasons for having this castle built.Take the time to visit this castle - you won't regret it!!


One reads so much about a place, then arrives there and still remains flabbergasted! What a beautiful surprise! The castle is imposing from the outside, but then the richness inside is really astonishing! The gilded rooms, the sumptuous decors, the fascinating furniture - all add up to one big and pleasant visit!Who cares if all that cost so much money? That it all came from the obsessive will of a king to imitate another one? The outcome is fabulous!There are, however, a few things I would remedy.First of all, there is hardly a word of English around in the museum. Luckily, the guided tour was in English , and that we understood. The same goes for the museum ate the old castle.Second, they turned off all the fountains. I understand that's because of the low season which started, but still, one gets less for the same amount of the entrance ticket and misses beautiful items. At least they could have left the water ponds filled with water.Third, the garden, though it was manicured, is far from being the copy of Versailles, as it intended to be.Fourth, photography is not aloud. That's a pity!All in all, we spent a beautiful and most rewarding day.

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