augsburg city hall (rathaus)


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augsburg city hall (rathaus)





The Town Hall of the 16th century is one of the most impressive ones in Germany. Top feature is the Golden Hall presenting the top craftsmenship of ancient times. We had the big pleasure that of the Domspatzen choir with a miraculous programme presented the golden hall to us even more golden. With his humorous speech oft he peace town of Augsburg the mayor adressed the visitors, so that we went with happy expectation to the Rathskeller downstairs. The impressive Restaurant "Rathauskeller" offered an excellent dish choice with extremely professionally working service. They made us enjoy Augsburg!


Enjoyed visiting City Hall the building is most impressive especially the gold hall its an impressive hall and well worth a look you won't be disappointed


Great ambience a cathedral like cellar. Food was traditional German fayre. This is why we went to sample. Large portions. Gets busy - maybe book


City Hall of Augsburg was designed and built by Elias Holl between 1615–1624. The building is protected by the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict due to its historical and cultural importance. The structure in Renaissance style has two distinct ornaments on the surface of the gables: one being the Reichsadler, an Imperial eagle of the Holy Roman Empire shows town's important political status; the other being the large copper pine cone, Zirbelnuss, symbol of Augsburg. But the most important reason to visit is to see the grandeur of its Goldener Saal. At the moment I entered the Hall, I was awed by the extents and scopes of ornamentation. This magnificent large room is 14 meters high with coffered wooden ceiling and panels made out of walnut and oak. The ceiling surface, portals, doors, and trims are covered with elaborated carvings, gold leaf and Renaissance artworks. There are large fresco paintings of eight Roman emperors and eight Christian emperors on the walls below the windows. The interior of the Hall was designed by Johann Matthias Kager. Two small Princes' rooms can be accessed through the small portals from the Hall. The City Hall building and interiors suffered severe war destruction over time, but had been painstakingly restored after the WWII to their original appearances. The reduced entry fee(I used 2-days hotel card) is 2.50 euros. If you want to take good pictures, come early to avoid the large crowd. There are other rooms and displays inside the City Hall to browse through too . But do pay your visit to the Goldener Saal first. The City Hall is a working institute, so be sure you follow the signs, go up to the Goldener Saal via the large staircase. At the entrance to the Hall you can pick up an English version of the visitor's booklet from the staff on duty, return it when you leave. There is no time limit for your visit and chairs are available for the guests. The art works and craftsmanship are stunning and you can also get the views of the plaza from the windows too. it is worthy of your time.


One of the oldest German Christmas markets is located across from the Rathaus. We took the train from Munich and arrived in approximately 40 minutes. German rail sells the "Bayern" pass which is a reduced rate that allows multiple passengers to travel together. We weren't sure where we were going once we arrived in Augsburg, but we just followed everyone else. It took about 15 minutes to walk from the train station to this area of Augsburg, and we passed several other smaller Christmas markets. At 6pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, during the Christmas market, 24 angels come out of the windows of the darkened Rathaus. Several of the angels "play" music and then you hear the voices of a children's chorus, and more music. At the end of the show the angels glide back into the building. It was quite crowded the Sunday we were there, but we were able to find a good vantage point to watch the show. The market is the usual Christmas market with a variety of handmade items, gluhwein, potato pancakes, sausages, etc. There were also many lights strung around the market and the passageways we passed on our way from the train station.Well worth the short trip from Munich!


The Augsburg City Hall (Rathaus) is one of the most stunning places I've seen in Europe! The ceiling is a sight to behold indeed! Well worth seeing while in the Aldstadt!


We visited the beautiful Rathaus in the main square at Augsburg as part of Christmas Markets. My wife and I loved the advent angels who appear in the windows of the Rathaus accompanied by music which they mime playing the various instruments. A great location and centre piece while enjoying Gluhwein and eating traditional Bratwurst. Our twelfth Christmas Market and one of our favourites.


this is the most important location from this city and in case you will be ther you need to visit this location. From what I know inside you will find a very beautiful museum.


i recently visited Augsburg for the christkindl market and also to see the annual event of the advent angels who appear in the windows of the Rathaus accompanied by music which they mime playing the various instruments, a little bit cheesey but good fun watching while sipping Gluhwein and eating Bratwurst from the wonderful xmas market


The Goldener Saal in the Rathaus has been restored to its former glory and is absolutely spectacular. It features statues of Roman Emperors and Christian saints and a wonderful painted ceiling. There is an exhibition in one of the rooms about visits of Augsburg to its twinned cities throughout the world. We loved the one on Scotland of course!


Beautiful building. Good Bavarian food and atmosphere. The best Kaiserschmarrn in Augsburg but as a negative is very geared to the tourist market so if you want the best local food is not the superior option!


We stumbled in here just looking for a cold beer in a Rathskeller type atmosphere. You enter through some non-nondescript side doors an down some boring stairs and you enter one of the most beautiful restored cellars I have ever seen. We have been back here several times for drinks, but never we have never tried the food. Its a little pricy ,but its always full of happy customers. We always stop here when in Augsburg.


The Hall has been beautifully restored. It has a wonderful restaurant beneath it, I highly recommend it.


Wonderful golden ceiling. There was also an exhibition about the towns Augsburg is twinned with but no text other than German which was a shame. Good photos however.

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