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This was my second time visiting Breitachklamm but my first during the winter as I wanted to see icicles hanging down from the rocks and also the stunning views when its covered in snow.I would echo what a previous reviewer has said and wear a good pair of boots with a good grip as it can be quite slippy in certain partsWe arrived just after 10am and there was hardly anyone else there but it got busier when we were heading back.There are buses to Breitachklamm from Oberstdorf & Fischen but during the winter they arent as frequent as other times of the year.You should also take a camera as the scenery is stunning


I went there with friends on New Years Day. There weren't a lot of people. It was so beautiful and so cold. It was nice that it didn't snow on the day. Otherwise it could be tricky to admire the view. A pair of good shoes is essential if anyone ever want to go during winter time. It could get slippery. Also, if you drive there, better prepare the tires for the drive-up. On our way down, we saw one car got stuck in the middle of a slope when the tires couldn't get enough grasp to move. When we came down, it was almost sunset and the moon rose in the sky. It was the most beautiful moon rise I have ever seen.


Its an impressive place to visit and its a good walking experience although we walked on a very warm day, I would recommend taking a jacket/fleece as a good part of the walk thru the gorge is out of the sun. I would also recommend boots/shoes/trainers with a good grip as in places its very steep and slippery. Also if you dont like your hair getting wet, I would take a hatAfter we exited the gorge we decided to continue walking to a building that was about another few miles up the alp so I could say "I walked into Austria for a beer".


I have never founded so wonderful place from nature made of "rocks". Perfect place, better than the photos on the website. Tips: i want with my kids but it is very high and dangerous, good visit for adults; take your jacket with you because some places are cold (without sun) even during the summer; i think it is more beatiful if you gobin the winter because of the eis and snow.


A long walk up and back down but fairly easily do-able if you do not have any mobility issues. Fascinating to see how this gorge has been created by the water; must be really something when it gets to high water levels!!! Easy access to catering is limited to the entrance at the lower end and you have to pay to use the car park (not covered by Allgau guest card).


quite an impressive canyon with spectacular view right on the German-Austrian border. Different ways to enter (Austria side and German up+downstream). Half-day walking tours possible, good catering along the trails.


Very easy to get from Oberstdorf. We walk there for 2 hours and reached Austrian border, in Austria took bus to get back to Oberstdorf. Very, very beautiful place.


This is a stunningly beautiful walk. I last did this in the spring decades ago and it was significantly different than this time but still awesome. Nature at its best. Wear good walking shoes or boots though.


Stunning place! Must see! On rainy weather and with lot of water can be quite exiting. Easy to walk, few steps and little ups and downs if walked from/to Walserschanze.


Unfortunately the walk along Breitach Klamm was closed - however we walked the gravel pathways and could look into the Breitach Klamm from above which was still a breath-taking view.


We went today and had a wonderful Sunday hike. Our dog was with us and had no problem walking along the gravel pathways. Since some of the snow was melting, it was a bit wet and waterproof shoes are a good idea. The location was easy to find with our GPS and their signs. We are planning a trip back for the summertime. Very relaxing scenery!


Is really an amazing place to relax walking aside of the river, through waterfalls and pure nature.I have visited also in winter and it was stunning!


This is a beautiful place, well worth the long drive we made to visit it. Walking paths are good and the views and scenery are amazing in winter.


Picked up a brochure in a tourist info, and, found a nice drive to get there so, on we went. How beautiful it was! Unfortunately we were a bit on the late side and no torches so we did not do the full circular tour but we did get to do the whole of the gorge. Great walk, not too strenuous but it does help to be well dressed as it's in the shade most of the time so chilly. Awesome nature and simply a great walk.


Amazing place with spectacular scenery. Since the walk is well prepared also easy little outing with kindergarden kids (however number should be equaled by adults as climbing may not be en vogue). Once through the Klamm, make your way up to the Alp for a relaxing stop over to then head down to the parking lot. Altogether 3-4 hrs.

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