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We took the ski lift up to the climbing forest where we spent 3 hours climbing through obstacles of various difficulties (you can choose from 15 different routes, of which some of the more difficult one have age restrictions) high up in the trees. One of the routes consists of zip-lining from tree to tree, which was so much fun. They give you an intro to rules and using the climbing gear before they let you climb.You can leave your valuables in a box at the counter. Close by there is also a little hut where you can drop off your back-pack (in contrast to the counter where you leave your valuables, this hut is not overlooked by a crew-member, so you put your stuff there at your own risk). We left our backpacks there and didn't have any problems.You have 3 hours to explore the obstacle courses before you are supposed to return your gear. After climbing we had lunch at the restaurant near by (yummy Kaesespaetzle and Kaiserschmarrn), before we took the Alpsee Coaster to get back down to the valley. We had to wait in line for about 1.5 hours, but the wait was worth it. It was better than some roller coaster rides I've been on before. You are not supposed to use your brakes too much as this will slow down people behind you. Therefore, if you are afraid of going downhill at high-speed, I recommend you take the ski-lift back down. We had a such great time!


After walking over the Stuben to get there, it was the thrill a second that is promised. The whole trip takes about 5-8 minutes depending on if the person in front of you uses the brakes (we didn't and went down twice on separate days). There's a camera within a few hundred metres of the top, and you can collect your picture from the gift shop at the bottom in the car park, it cost 4 Euro (Sept 14). I fully recommend this ride, much better than a roller coaster you might find in a theme park, there is no inversions, but the sense of up to 41kph going into tight corners and steep drops is awesome. I wouldn't recommend this ride if you are not very able bodied as it is a small 'car' that is a little awkward to ingress/egress.


Took my 15 yr old son and 12 yr old daughter to the Alpsee coaster for a day of fun and boy did we have some fun. It starts off with a ski lift ride with breathtaking views as far as the eye can see, all the way to the top. There was about a half hour queue, but with that view, it soon passes. Then the fun begins, all the toboggans are the same and cater for 1 or 2 riders. As the toboggans are on rails, all you have to worry about is the speed you wish to go. which is determinded by a braking lever. My son was the first to go then my daughter, all I heard was screams of delight from them, all the way down, however this was at times drowned out by my own. I went down the 3 km run like a bat out of hell(So it seemed) with banked twists and turns. Once at the bottom the first thing you want to do is go again. Even my, 72 yr old mother had a go and came down at her own pace. What a ride, give it a go, you'll love it! For 2 adults and a child it was 28 euros, for chairlift up and alpsee coaster down, well worth it.


We rode the ski lift up and the Alpsee coaster down. What a fun ride! We stopped by Sunday afternoon and the lines were 1-2 hours long. The next morning we were there by 9 am - clear blue skys and no wait. Great ride up to the top, what a view. The coaster technicians check each car before putting them on the track, very comforting to see that. Then the ride of your life for 7-8 minutes downhill. And a great value as well. We enjoyed lunch at the cafe, great schnitzel. Highly recommend this off the path stop in Southern Bavaria.


Let's start out with the beautiful location. You are surrounded by the Alps, there's a lake a couple hundred meters away (bring your bathing suit), and the view from the top is beautiful! Then you get to control your speed (go as fast as you can if you dare) down a 3 kilometer toboggan run. The only reason I didn't rate this a "5" is because they need to control the distance behind the next person going. I ended up braking a couple of times on the turns and my husband was on my case about speeding up the rest of the way. I think if they time the slowest person going down, then mark where that person is when the next person goes, then it is fun for all.We paid 16.50 Euro *5 adults* and got the lift up, the toboggan down, and a schnitzel and pommes lunch. You can pay just 10.50 without the lunch, or walk up and pay 6 Euro just to go down.


You absolutely must do this, anytime of the year! Lovely little restaurant at the top too. Make a day of it, weather and season will depict how much you can. Rope climbing thing was closed when we went and there was not enough snow for us to ski either but you could buy a ticket for it all! Go, you won't regret it!


We took the chairlift up the mountain, then went on a stroll on the green grass hills and had a picknick. The highlight is the way down on the coaster Sommerrodelbahn, the longest in Germany. Usable for 1 or 2 persons, you can hake your child in front, from 8 year on they can drive themselves. Very safe as the carts cannot leave the track (only hits from the cart behind you can occur), quite fast. We had a bit of traffic jam ahead of us thanks to chicken drivers, but it was great fun nevertheless. Only negative point was the 30 minute wait at the start of the coaster. A great way to have sights of the alps and a lot of fun without having to walk up and down.


We decided to stop at the roller coaster on our way from Fussen (Schloss Neuschwanstein) to Stuttgart. I'm so glad we did. The views from the chairlift are fantastic. Plus, the coaster is super-fun and worth the small detour. Don't miss this!


This is the best sommerrodelbahn I have been on. The ropes course at the top of the mountain is excellent as well. Definitely worth the money.


If you're in the area you must do this. And it's affordable. One tip...dont pull the brakes if you can help it. It brakes automatically round the corners. It's more fun when you don't use the brakes!


Rodelbahn Mittag mountain in Immenstadt.We went with a lot of friends to do sledge riding on the Mittag.We had good luck and there was enough snow and beautiful weather.It was a lot of fun though the curves were very icy!We booked the half a day and were able to do the sledge trip as much as three times in a row.We managed pretty well despite the ice and only in the end one of our friend missed the exit curve and crushed frontal into the big orange wall ;-)Luckily nothing happened and we'll come again next year!


We had so much fun here last spring that we had to return again.Your adventure starts by taking a chair lift quite high up the mountain. At the top, you will find a lodge with very good food and decent prices. On weekends or holidays with good weather, there will also be a stand outside selling drinks, pretzles and candy or other snacks and possibly live music.By the lodge is a nice playground for the kids and pay per use trampolines (these have to have the best views of any trampoline anywhere!).Slightly further afield is the high ropes course in the trees, which we have not tried yet, but it looks nice. Or, even further, you can continue up the mountainside on foot. About 20 minutes' of hiking will bring you to a smaller gasthaus which has outside seating and drinks/ food. It is a perfect stop to refresh on the steep climb. You can hike up quite a bit further if you are so inclined--my husband and son kept going for nearly an hour to reach the top.The best part of the day is the ride back down the mountain on the longest "alpine track" in Germany. You can control your own speed, so those who are not daredevils should not worry. Your sled is firmly attached to a metal coaster like track (MUCH safer than the concrete paths that American Alpine Slides are usually made of)--it is not possible to jump the track or fall off. You are buckled in with a snug seat belt (shoulder harness if alone or the bigger person in back and lap belt for a smaller ride in front of an adult). You truly can go any speed from quite fast down to a crawl (we had a cold and windy day and after checking that no one was coming behind me i fully stopped for just a moment to get my hood adjusted on my coat). The track is long enough to really feel worth the cost.Photos are available for 4 Euro at the base, should you want one. There is also a restaurant at the base which has good schnitzel and hot drinks (all we have tried thus far). This place is well worth making a special trip for.


Great family experience, we had a lot of fun, I would definitely recommend. It is the longest track in Germany and a great ride down.


A great spot in the summer months. We rode up on a chair lift and came down on a summer toboggan! Good value for money and great family entertainment. The food in the cafes is home made and very well priced.


We had a scream when we hurtled down this metal toboggan / luge track. You get loads of speed, as well as a fantastic view of the Alpsee and the beautiful Bavarian Alps. Why have I not been before?Just the perfect place if (like my lot) some of the group have tired of skiing, snow boarding and visiting Chitty Chitty castles.

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