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hornbahn bad hindelang



The Hornbahn Hindelang offers some of the most sledding fun in the Alps.You can bring your own sled or rent one. Then the cable cars takes you to the top and you can chose between three sledding tracks. They are all about the same lenght (3.5km), but they end at different spots and different distances to the cable care base station. The fastest one right ends at the base station. The other two involve a long walk and a very long walk back to the base station. If you want to try all three of them, you should plan at least 3 hours - including the walking. But the walks are no problem since they go through beautiful winter wonderland forests and the actual sleds are pretty long too.All three tracks are great fun for beginners and advanced sledders.There several restaurants (styled like ski lodges) on top and on the bottom if you want to take a break.


How great can sledging be? At the Hornbahn, they will show you how it's done. Cable car ride up and then over 3 km downhill. Snow machines make sure that there is enough of the white stuff to make you glide. Kids loved it.


Traveled up the Hornbahn cable car and then walked some of the tracks for a few hours. The weather was perfect (warning - you do burn quicker at higher altitude), the views were fantastic, the meadows were bursting with alpine flowers and butterflies. Could not fault it. There's a variety of walking tracks with different levels of difficulty - some reasonably flat, others involving near climbing (there's also mountain bike tracks there which seem to range from "crazy" to "suicidal"). Signage is good but only in German (obviously, you're in Germany) so can take a bit of working out where to go. It is possible to walk all the way down the mountain back into Bad Hindelang although we didn't try that. Price was reasonable, about €30 return, although we used our Allgau cards to get a discount (and Allgau plus cards, I think get on for free, so maybe worth getting the plus card).It's the kind of place where you could spend as much or as little time as you like wandering about and have a perfect time.


Our accommodation provided us with a free card for the use of local services, one being Hornbahn Cable Car.This cable car takes you to the top where many trails can be walked.Many mountain cyclists were putting their bikes into the cable car and we saw the same cyclists going up and down many times! Beautiful views!


Here you can take the Lift up to 300 mtr vertical drop and buzz down the choice of three different runs. It is fast and fun.


A must for the area. There is a good restaurant at the top if you just want to go up and down on the cable car. My husband and I have walked down 4 times now, both in Summer and Winter.. The scenery changes completely for the season and in the winter the paths down are well pisted and easy to walk along. Half way down is the Horn Cafe, again a great place to stop for a beer and a bite to eat (note, it's closed on Thursdays). At a steady pace it takes 2 hours, not stopping, it is a bit steep in places so you do feel it on the knees.


Finally it's snowing!I went to the Hornbahn with my husband and we had a lot of fun.All the way up to the station we sat in lift and enjoyed the beautiful view!We had a wooden sledge and soon we started our way down back to the valley.We had good luck since it was snowing and also the days before and the way was smooth with only a little ice in the curves.The way down can be tricky but it was fun and took us about 1 hour!We are hoping for snow again in 2013 and then we'll come again for the ride!


In all of our years living and travelling in Germany, the Christmas Market in Bad Hindelang, Germany, this past December, was the best we have ever seen!


All public info (including the sign at the Hornbahn station!) says it's open year round. We discovered only after driving there that they shut down from mid-November through mid-December. Very disappointing as it looks super fun!


Wir hatten einen tollen Tag: Sonne & gute Schneeverhaeltnisse - die Kids hatten super viel Spaß bei den Abfahrten mit dem Rodel...Sehr lohnenswert.


Der Preis für die einfache Fahrt ist mit 9.- bzw.13.- inkl. Talfahrt nicht ganz preiswert.Im Winter am Wochenende und in den Ferien, ist die Bahn von den Schilttenfahren besucht, da kann es auch mal länger etwas dauern.Das Gasthaus Hornalpe ist am oberen Ausgang der Bahn, auch durchaus zu empfehlen. Zum Wandern ist der etwas anspruchsvollere Weg zum Imberger Horn, oder einfach über das Horncafe nach Bruck oder zurück nach Hindelang.


So schön kann rodeln sein....und Ich dachte immer sowas schönes gibt es nur in Österreich! Top Service, schöne Gondel - alles perfekt!


Wir sind mit Hindelang-Plus-Card unterwegs gewesen. Klasse Abfahrten mit dem Rodel. LOHNENSWERT. Mit viel Neuschneeauflage nicht so schnell - aber wenn plattiert super ohne Schiebepassagen


trotz großen Andrang, zügige Abfertigung, freundliches Personal, tolles Erlebnis für die ganze Familie


Wunderbarer Rundumblick. Guter Ausgangpunkt für Wanderungen aller Schwierigkeitsstufen. Restaurant Bergstation - gute und schmackhafte Gastronomie

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