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When visiting Passau you must visit the Overhauls. It is a fortress high above the town and River Danube. Not only is it a treat in itself. The views over the town are superb.


We took the walk from the city and veered left when we had to make a decision. It took us to several vistas that we probably wouldn't have made it to if we had gone to the right. We didn't have enough time to go into the museums but they looked very interesting the views of the city and inside the fortress were very special.


Views over city of Passau are awesome. All place werent open because of off season. Absolutely worth of visit.


While you can drive to the top, the hi,e up to the fortress is a great stretch for you legs. Stairs lead you about 1/3 of the way and then a fairly short steep climb gets you to the top. The view cannot be beat. You feel like you can read out and touch the city. There is a great view of 2 of the 3 rivers converging. It's a short hike up. Only 15-20 minutes will get you there. There is a restaurant at the top.


We crossed the Danube by way of the bridge. We could see that it would be a steep walk up but we wanted to reach the top. After about 250 steps we did manage to make it to the top and were rewarded with amazing views of the Danube and the town itself. We couldn't find a way into the fortress but it was still worth walking up all those steps. There are places along the way where you can sit and rest for a bit.


Wow,what a great view of the city, you get up here.You see all three rivers,the difference in the colour of the water.Youth Hostel,is also here and Musuem .Great newly renovated Resturant here.Lots of Visitors.Great Bavarian food and Beer.


Since I couldn't find the shuttle going up to the fortress until I was on my way back from the hike back, I decided to walk up. Our guide, earlier in the day had told us that there were not many steps and that there were comfortable switchbacks all the way to the top. Well, there were quite a few spots with quite a few steps but the switchbacks were also very steep and on occasion they became narrow mud paths. After a rain, I would say that some spots could be downright dangerous. The walkways would certainly not meet American safety standards. But if you are willing to accept this, the hike up and walk down are lots of fun and the views from the top are spectacular, particularly when you see the confluence of the rivers and their different colors. I walked around and found myself to be lost and did not know how to find a way down. The locals who were enjoying the warm Sunday afternoon, were helpful in pointing me in the right direction to wind my way down. It is rare to have the opportunity to be alone at a historical site and that is a wonderful feeling.


We walked and had a wonderful view of Passau. Another option is to take a bus leaving on the hour and half hour from in front of the Town Hall, aka Rathaus. Fare is 1.70 Euros each way.


We spent a lovely day at this castle in Passau. The tour is excellent and the castle affords grand views of Passau and the Danube River.Visitors should climb the hill as long as they are fit [it is steep and many steps] and return by the wall pathway which begins at the end of the cable bridge.The visit would not be complete without stopping at the castle courtyard cafe and having a drink and their fabulous apple strudel.


My wife and I took the bus up and I later walked up the staircase on my own. While I appreciated the exercise (too much food on our Viking River Cruise), the hoped-for great views on the walk up never materialized. The bus would be the better option for most.Fee for the museum. Not for the view.The real reason for going to the top is the great views. Frankly, the museum was OK but not worth the trip. If you have time, check out the museum; otherwise just go for the view,We also ate at the restaurant. Great views and good food.


This was a great spot and their museum is lovely, full of interesting things and easy to follow. If you don't want to go on the bus then its not too strenuous to walk up the hill. Also the view from the top is great and so worth it.


I knew there was a bus to Oberhaus, but I didn't pay attention to where it started. It starts at the Rathaus in the city center ... not near the Oberhaus itself. So after walking to the base of the hill where Oberhaus is located, my best option to get to the top was to walk up—almost straight up—the road leading to the fortress. I made it, but I also ran a half marathon this year. Taking the staircase would actually be easier. Taking the bus would be the least taxing for out-of-shape and older travelers ... there will still be some stairs to climb to get to the viewing platform at the top.Unfortunately, by the time I got my sweaty self to the top, I didn't partake in most of the museum ... I just enjoyed the view from the top and then visited the nearby beer garden. But the views .... worth it.


This is a "city museum" in that it concentrates on the history of the city of Passau. Like most city museums, it has some interesting quirks. In this case, there is a big exhibit of turn of the 20th Century photography, complete with studio. There is also an exhibit about railroads. I love city museums because they tell you what the people who live there think is important. This museum benefits from its wonderful location overlooking the old town and the famous junction of the Danube, Inn, and Ilz Rivers. Thus, you get a fascinating look at history and a wonderful panorama.


Informative exhibits and expansive views reward your moderately strenuous walk uphill to visit the fortress. The guild system was demonstrated better here than anywhere else I have seen.Passau is a charming town where rivers merge. Veste Oberhaus is one of their Must See sights packed with history and surrounded by Passau panoramas.


With the Passau card, there is a free shuttle from the Rathaus to the fortress. The museum is thematic and covers a great deal of Passau's fascinating history at the intersection of three rivers. The panorama view is spectacular and uncrowded. I was the only tourist in the garden for half an hour.

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