pilgrimage church and pauline fathers' monastery


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pilgrimage church and pauline fathers' monastery



We have a friend that lives in Passau, this was his TOP recommendation. To get there cross the river bridge directly below the very visible pilgrimage that sits high on a hilltop then proceed up the hillside on the worn sometimes muddy pathways. It is easy to find and a fairly easy climb but not for someone with ANY difficulties, if that is the case I suggest you drive up the other side. If you do climb the hill there are fabulous views on the way up and a wonderful trek through this lovely wooded area. Once there you do climb up into the tower on a winding stairway. Relax and enjoy the picturesque panoramic views. We got some of the best photos of our trip, it was just wonderful. There is also a restaurant on top with fabulous views.


The Monastery has an excellent hilltop location overlooking the city. There are about 321 stairps you need to take from the Innstadt city part to the Monastery. The stairs are located in a covered staircase which is full of memories and gifts to/of the Holy Mother.The Monastery is beautiful even though it's not full of paintings and/or statues.You should count ca. one hour for your trip up to the Monastery from the city center. The staircase is accessibble at the corner of the Kapuzinerplatz and Neutorgraben through a small gate.


short business trip in Passau, I planned to go this church by walk. It around 1 hour by foot from passau hbf to the church, cross the bridge and climb up a hill. I can taste the green and flowers when i was getting closer to church. It is not grand, but really peaceful. I still smell the taste of church..am i was heaven? it really clean up my soul. Very close to heaven I guess. and i am full of joy n peace now.


I went there early in the morning (stairway is opened from 7 a.m). It was a great experience. First, you go 1000 stairs under the roof. And you can see icons and ex-voto on the walls in the pilgrim-path. Inside the church there is a copy of a famous picture of Virgin Mary.


What a delightful place Passau is, we came from Regensburg by train on a daytrip, once we arrived we started wandering around the town. It is a very nice town to wander around too, plenty of great shops and food outlets, and beautiful buildings. Our favorite was crossing over the Inn River and climbing the many stairs in the covered stairwell to the top of the hill to reach the pilgrimage church 'Mariahilf'-Kloster. On the day of our visit it was around 2C, and it was only slightly warmer inside the stairwell. It is an amazing structure that takes you up to the top to 'Mariahilf'. Around the corner of the buildings is a viewing platform looking over to Passau city, we were the only tourists at the time to be there, it is slightly out of the way of the normal tourist I feel, but well worth finding.


The complex is not extensive, nor does it boast any magnificent architecture but it is a compact group of buildings that cleverly exploits its hilltop position. This makes Mariahilf an aesthetically pleasing place of pilgrimage which most pilgrims approach via the pilgrimage steps. This “heavenly ladder” (321 steps) is a covered staircase leading from the Passau Innstadt to the top of the hill. Pilgrims kneel and pray at each step, approaching the place of grace in a particularly memorable manner. The design of the church interior is extremely simple but nevertheless rich in perspective and suited to the pilgrimage. The east bay of three-bay nave is interrupted by low transept arms. Behind this is the semi-circular choir, divided up by pilasters and barrel vaults. The west bay is occupied by a two-bay gallery. The walls of the nave consist of broad Tuscan pilasters connected by an entablature strip which also surrounds the choir. The diocesan town of Passau has long been a centre of religious life in Bavaria and Austria. In 1611, Prince-Bishop Archduke Leopold of Austria brought to Passau, his town of residence, a painting of the Mother of God tenderly embraced by the Child Jesus. The painting was the work of Lucas Cranach the Elder, a leading German painter, and was probably produced after 1537. This outstanding painting was greatly admired by the Passau Cathedral Dean Baron Marquard von Schwendi. He had two copies of the painting made, one of which he hung in a wooden chapel in his garden at the foot of what is today known as Mariahilf hill. After having several visions of Our Lady, he decided in 1622 to re-locate the chapel with the painting to the top of the hill and to open the chapel to all the faithful. Interest was so great and the crowds of pilgrims so large that in 1624 he had to start building a church, which was completed in 1627. From 1631 onwards, it came under the aegis of the Capucin monks from the nearby hospice and from the monastery in the Passau Innstadt. They made Mariahilf into a major centre of pilgrimage for Central and South-East Europe, especially after the deliverance of Vienna from the Turks in 1683, seen by many as a response to appeals to Our Lady of the Succours. Regular processions and pilgrimages to Mariahilf still take place today. One can see a great panorama over Passau on this mountain.


La cathédrale de Passau est magnifique mais n'oubliez pas de visiter le Monastère Mariahilf facilement reconnaissable à son chemin de croix, long escalier étroit et couvert à flan de colline qui descend jusqu'à la ville. L'intérieur de la chapelle reluit de ses ors. Les murs de l'escalier sont recouverts de remerciements. La cour avec son petit cimetière et toutes ses statues ne laissent pas indifférent. Le point de vue sur la ville de Passau est magnifique tout en couleur pastel.


Oberhalb von Passau auf der anderen Innseite liegt auf dem Berg die Wallfahrtskirche Maria Hilf. Man kann die überdachte Wallfahrtsstiege gehen, was allerdings viele Stufen zu steigen heisst, oder zu Fuß mit einem wunderbaren Blick über Passau an der Strasse in Richtung Schärding gehen.


Bekannt auch durch die Wallfahrtsstiegen zu der wunderschönen Wallfahrtskirche und dem Paulinerkloster Mariahilf. Der Besuch der Kirche wird auch noch durch den herrlichen Blick auf die Dreiflüssestadt Passau zusätzlich zu einem großen Anreiz für Einheimische und Gäste.


Одним из важнейших храмов Пассау является Марияхильфкирхе (т.е. Богоматери-Помощницы) на горе Марияхильфберг. Из центра Пассау надо перейти реку Инн по мосту Мариенбрюкке. Далее мы с подругой шли по улице Марияхильфберг St2625 (тротуар есть) – невероятный подъем! Нашла информацию о том, что есть и другой способ подъема в храм – по крытой лестнице. Судя по всему, он начинается на площади Капуцинерплац (после моста налево по Шмидгассе). Очень гармоничная непомпезная архитектура церкви с двумя башнями, которые видны со всех смотровых площадок города. Внутри находится чудотворный образ «Мадонна с младенцем» Лукаса Кранаха Старшего (это копия, подлинник в Соборе Инсбрука). Со смотровой площадки у церкви открывается замечательный вид на Пассау с Собором и крепостью Фесте Оберхаус. Из трех рек видно только Инн, причем он, действительно, зеленый или даже изумрудный (такой оттенок был в декабре).


Die Aussicht auf die Stadt,die drei Flüsse und das Umland belohnen für das Treppensteigen. Ruhige Oase in Stadtnähe.


Wir besuchten diese Kirche, indem wir auf den oberen Parkplatz fuhren und durch 1 Parkanlage zur Kirche gingen. Die Idee war ideal, denn wir stellten fest, dass die Kirche einen Stufen Aufgang von der Stadt her hat. Es ist die "Wallfahrtstreppe" und an jeder Stufe hängen Heiligenbilder, die von den Besuchern alle mit einem kleinen Gebet bedacht wurden. So dauert der "Aufstieg" unendlich. Die Kirche ist sehr sehenswert, ebenso der kleine Klosterfriedhof nebenan.


Passau, die Dreiflüssestadt, muss man entweder von oben oder vom Wasser aus erleben. Dafür gibt es drei wunderbare Aussichtspunkte: die Veste Oberhaus, die Wallfahrtkirche Maria Hilf oder die Ortspitze, an der Donau, Inn und Ilz zusammenfließen. Wer dann noch auf barocke Weise dem Schöpfer danken will, lässt sich im Dom von der weltgrößten Kirchenorgel verzaubern.


Frieden und Ruhe Mariahilf hat eine Wunderbare Kiche in der Du in Ruhe und Frieden zur Ruhe kommst zum Beten...Denken des Friedens...


wunderschöne Lage mit Traumblick auf die Stadt PassauEin Ort der Ruhe und BesinnungGroßer kostenloser Parkplatz.Für jeden gut zu erreichen

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