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veste coburg

The “Fränkische Krone” (Franconian Crown) is one of the largest medieval...


Veste Coburg is probably the main reason people visit the city of Coburg. It is an amazing fortress up above the city. We chose to walk up from the Palace Square near Schloss Ehrenburg through the Hofgarten. The walk is quite beautiful and fairly strenuous winding up the hill through the trees. If you are feeling less adventurous, you can also drive to the top and park in one of the parking lots. The size of Veste Coburg is very impressive. We opted not to take a tour of the interior or museums. Instead we wandered around the inner courtyards and enjoyed discovering the architecture and unique oddities on some of the buildings/walls.


this castle can be seen already from far away, long before you reach the city. don't miss taking a tour or enter private, lots of interesting things to see, from times passed. great coffee shop with fantastic cakes is on site.


There a number of impressive museums within the fortress, Veste Coburg. I've toured the museums and the fortress three times and I've been impressed each time!


While there are many aspects to this splendid attraction, from armor, to jousting sleds, a marvelous wood carved hunting room, among many others, that can fascinate a history buff for hours, the crowning jewel of this attraction is the chance to step foot where Martin Luther once stepped as he was preparing to and defending his actions against the all powerful Church. "Here I stand. I can do no other."


Worth the climb, lot of things to see. The staff was very helpful. there is some English, however not hard to figure out the German titles. This very inexpensive for a antiquity/museum of this quality.


after an hour + drive and all the reviews, I will say that we wrre somewhat disappointed. Lunch at the Ratskeller was wonderful


İf you come to Coburg,you should see this castle.if you walk it can be good for you.Because you can breathe fresh air of Coburg.I want to see this place again and again.Its view is breathtaking.


This is a great castle and contains a wonderful museum. It was really quiet when we were there and is a great place to browse if, like us, you love art & architecture. The Hunting Room has fabulous marquetry panelling and a superbly carved ceiling. There are many special objects to see eg the c16 millefiore globe, paintings by: Durer, Cranach & Grunewald, sculpture by Riemenschneider etc.


Spectacularly on top of the hill.Houses a fine museum where it is not easy to discover what you are looking for.Nice terrace restaurant on the way down with a very German menu


Truly amazing castle. From the spectacular structure made of stone and wood, with different sections made during different eras. The castle was used through both world wars and has since been immaculately maintained. The views from the top (the castle is already on top of a big hill) are simply breathtaking. Clearly the owners have great pride in this place as there are many artifacts and treasures held within for you to discover. The lower levels have a very impressive collection to view and one thing that really stood out to me is the plumbing that was in place considering when the place was built. Plan on spending a few hours here, and the restaurant was also quite good here with very good service. There in summer '12


The combination of:• preservation of the castle• a long and interesting history• really excellent displaysmake this an essential visit if you are in the region.On certain rare nights they offer a dinner experience which is fantastic.Food is served in the manner of bygone days - with large knuckles of meat and plenty of other hearty German fare on large platters. As the finale of the meal, they bring out a long, wooden plank with long rows of shot glasses on them. These are full of schnapps that has been set alight with bluish flame, representing the ghosts of the castle.The grounds and park below the castle have plenty of beautiful spots for a picnic in summer, or gentle slopes that children can slide down on sleds in winter.If you happen to be there on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve you can also spend the night letting off fireworks.NOTE: You should have some basic level of fitness if you plan to walk up to the castle. It's probably 10-15 minutes steady walk from the base of the park below.


Veste Coburg, and the rest of the town, are easily worth a day trip from Bamberg -- or just as destinations unto themselves. The entire area is beautiful, in places extraordinarily so, and it exhibits a special kind of German appreciation for its ancestors and history. We plan to return.


This fortress is much less well known than for example Neuschwanstein, but it is no doubt much more interesting. It is one of the most important castles in Germany and when you go inside you know why. It has several floors with many rooms full of decoration and objects that tell you about its rich past as residence of some of Europe’s most influential families. You can easily spend two (for a fast visit) to four hours there.How to get there: it is located on a hill next to the town of Coburg. You can either walk there from the town center through the pretty park Hofgarten (about 30 minutes), or take the tourist train that leaves from the town center and goes up the Veste, or if you have a car there is a small parking lot next to the kiosk, a five minute walk down from the Veste, or a bigger parking lot some further away (10-15 minutes’ walk). The parking lot next to the kiosk, where we parked our car, cost 2 Euros a day. As for the entrance fee, you can either pay just for this attraction or buy a ticket that also includes other castles in Coburg (Schloss Ehrenburg, Schloss Rosenau). There is also a family ticket. Just ask at the ticket counter at the entrance and they will tell you about the options.We had one day in Coburg and visited the Veste, then Schloss Ehrenburg and afterwards Schloss Rosenau outside the town (with a lunch break at noon), which took us all day and is only recommendable if you are in a hurry. Better would be two days.The Veste itself offers a great view on Coburg and its surroundings, no need to get into the museum for these views.It also has a restaurant with typical Franconian food, which we have not tried. Prices looked reasonable.When we visited the Veste’s museum there was a temporary exhibition about glass objects, which was quite interesting (they also charged us somewhat more therefore in the entrance fee, which could not be avoided). The temporary exhibitions change over time; have a look at their webpage to know more about the current one.The museum is a succession of rooms, each one with its rich original artisan decoration, many paneled with wood and heavy tiled stoves (after all, this was a winter residence, the summer residence being Schloss Rosenau). Martin Luther spent some time on the Veste and you can see pictures about his stay, an old bathroom, a chapel, paintings of important people, religious motives, suits of armour, torture instruments, weapons, canons, cannon balls, horse carriages for road and snow (even the world’s oldest one that is still working is there), stuffed animals (hunting was the nobles’ sport)..all this gives a great feeling about how these aristocrats lived.It is not allowed to touch any of the objects (better don’t go with very young children, as the museum’s personnel will be watching) but a good thing is that you are allowed to take pictures as long as you do not use flash.A very recommendable and surprising visit.


There is a range of interesting collections to see at the Veste Coburg Castle: paintings, sculpture, weapons and armour, glassware and historic rooms. Unusually for this part of Germany, you are allowed to visit at your own pace, rather than on a guided tour. There are English and German descriptions available in each room. The one thing you must not miss is the hunting room "Jagd-Intarsienzimmer" which is completely lined with 60 wood carvings and marquetry pictures of hunting scenes, a Renaissance masterpiece from 1632.


Veste Coburg is a place with a great history, which you can really experience. Many rooms are available to visitors and hold a huge collection of items used by the nobles across the centuries. The best part is, you can learn the history of the items and their owners from a very good audio guide, you just need to carefully look for the signs with the numbers to play on the device, as their marking is not the best. It took us almost three hours to walk through the castle and listen to the stories, see the grounds and enjoy the views, and we felt we could still hang around longer, so you should plan enough time if you really want to experience this place.

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