rothenburg town hall (rathaus)


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rothenburg town hall (rathaus)



满城中古世纪打扮的当地人,甜腻各式口味的可爱雪宝球,新修建好的市政厅广场,美味的米其林推荐蘑菇猪排餐厅,灿烂瑰丽的花火,与最后模拟整个城镇都着火的灯光烟雾秀。 昨天的我们在现代古代穿梭走动,再度来到罗腾堡,500公里的车程,就为了这些特别的体验。这个可爱古朴的重度观光小镇,总是能让人温习曾经的美好回忆,再多留下一些新的惊喜记忆。








A well-preserved old building located in the main town square, you will feel you're in a time of years gone by.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber lies a 10 min. route with your car from the A7 autobahn. Around the old city you find easy enough parkings ( paid). The town hall is a jewel in the middle of the old city centre.


We were first in line when the doors opened at noon. Great view from the top, but it is a bit of a tight squeeze and actual "crawl" out onto the top. Not created for large people or those with fear of heights or climbing ladders!


the view from the tower was awesome. it had weird opening hours so check the sign and make sure you'll be there when its open. it also closes in bad weather


The city hall structure itself is a view to enjoy but if you have time, go up the narrow tower to get a great top view of the town. The tower is narrow, with I believe 250 steps up. Only 20 people are allowed on top at the same time. A traffic light system controls the turnstiles for going up and it basically blocks people from entering if the maximum is met. Just wait in line, as people will continuously go up and down and when a slot fills up, you can proceed. If you're in a group though, you'll have to count the number of people who exit so that you know if you can go together or not. A small fee is paid at the top but the views are worth it.


This venue is only open at limited hours in winter, and we were lucky to find it open on a Sunday afternoon. The climb to the highset bell tower is steep, cramped and not for the faint-hearted.First there is the spiral stone steps (about 3 spirals), then across the floor to the turnstile (counts people in and out to limit numbers at the top), then about five sets of staircases (old original wooden steps, worn and steep) and you arrive at the cashier, just before you climb out onto the catwalk. One Euro is the fee, but worth it on a clear day.There is only room for about 4 people on the catwalk, and no passing is possible.At about 48 meters above the street, the view is spectacular.Great for the photographers and some panoramic shots.It is cold up there on windy days, as the wind chill increases at the top.Great view!


Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a well-preserved 1000 year old medieval town and has been featured in several films.It is one of the prettiest towns in Germany and definitely worth a visit.It can get busy, especially around holidays and school vacation times. Going early in the day is best.Don't miss the The Criminal Museum (Kriminalmuseum). It has instruments of torture, medieval legal texts and guidance on witch trials.


We wandered into the Rathaus tower mistakenly but are happy that we decided to make the climb. Pulling yourself out of the small cubbyhole at the top of the tower and out onto the viewing deck is not for the faint of heart but so worth it! Beautiful view and photo spot.


Climbed all the way to the top of the Rothenburg tower - attached to the town hall. There isn't much room up at the top, but the view is amazing - well worth the climb!


This area of Rothenburg is great. Very open in the summer with outdoor seating at some of the restaurants. It is the site of the Christmas Market in December and location for the opening ceremonies, gluwein and Christmas tree for the city. Walk around the left side of the Rathaus to see some iron bars on the wall of different lengths. This is the official measurements for the local merchants in ancient times. Then go through the adjacent hallway and see the fantastic door to the old city hall. We love this area.


It is a steep climb to the top but the view is well worth it. You can see clearly across the town and beyond. (You pay at the top, not at the entrance below).

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