kaiserburg nurnberg (nuremberg castle)


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kaiserburg nurnberg (nuremberg castle)



The views are the best part of the castle. We had a city pass so we decided to tour the castle. Although we didn't know what to expect, there really isn't much to see. Understandably given the history, but really it's just a museum and while some of the larger signs are in German and English, most of the smaller detailed signs are all in German, so we couldn't read about what we were looking at. We climbed to the top of the tower and that was probably the best part because of the views.


The deep well is really a cool tour, even if you don't speak German- it's well worth it, and it's quick too. The tower is well worth the stairs as well as the view is great.


Well worth visiting the castle. While it is steep climbing up (not ideal for those that have mobility difficulties), at the top you have wonderful views of Nuremberg.


You feel like you're in middle age. Museums and buildings are very original. Also it has really nice city view. You should climb watch tower.


A very nice castle with not so many spaces to visit but when you climb the 113 stairs (yes I counted them) to go to the top of the tower you are going to enjoy an uninterupted view.


As a castle goes I would rate it as average. It is not a glorious castle. The grounds are okay, and the city is all around it. However, the castle is on what seems to be the highest vantage point for viewing the rest of the city, and the castle walls are impressive in that old Nuremberg had some of the best fortifications for keeping out intruders which makes it worth visiting. Climb up to the viewing areas to behold the old city of Nuremberg.


The Nuremberg castle is not comparable with Ludwig castles but it is really nice anyway and it worth a visit. Really interesting the deep well and the view from the tower!


The view from the tower is worth the price in itself. For someone who enjoys visiting castles this was an excellent place to visit and is an excellent example of a German castle. The museum has enough interactive English language displays to make it worthwhile to a non-German speaker and the deep well display was a delight. Two hours was enough time to see the whole place.


If you like castles this has a lot to offer. I went to visit the tower for the view which was amazing. Good walk up the hill to it as well.


No way to see the castle unless you pay for a tour. Be advised. However, after the steep climb up the hill, the views are amazing and worth the effort!


it has a great view over the city. I choose the kart b that included castle and museum. the objects on display are written in german. If don't know much about german history I guess will not be so interesting. Maybe with audio guide it help. It is an extra 2 euros. The ticket was 5,50. I expect it a little more


Various entry options, museum, ground, tower and well and shorter options. We did the tower, good views and interesting history of WWII bombings and the well- there was no English translation of this tour( which constitutes standing around the well and hearing the guide pour water down the well). The whole area is well kept and pretty.


As I am a local, my view may be biased. The castle provides an amazing view over most of the old town district. The high tower is worth climbing the stairs and the 70m well worth seeing. The exhibition however is disappointing and needs an upgrade - which is under planning.The best view ON the castle is from the highest deck of the KARSTADT parking garage in Adler Street. And it is admission free! - well, if you don't come by car. ;)


I went here during the Christmas Holiday period of time. My first trip up was at night, in the snow. There was a giant Christmas tree at a overlook at the castle. At night, with the snow, lit tree and view of the city the presence of the castle was much differnt than my daytime experience here, it was much worth the trip. I went back during the day. I went to the museum. It was very good with a lot of interesting local history about the castle and Nurnberg. The view of the city from the castle is also very good. Definately worth the walk or ride up the hill. The S-bahn goes within a about 400-500 yards of the castle enterance.


The castle itself is beautiful..the exhibition inside the castle museum is good. However the best part was to go up the spiral staircase up the Sinwellturm (Sinwell Tower) and getting the splendid view of the whole city of Nuremberg! Better to pay a combination tickets for a price of EUR7.00 to get access to all the places of the Imperial Castle.You can take photos inside the museum (but no flash allowed).Or else, just view the city from the castle ground; that was equally pleasant :)

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