stadtmuseum fembohaus (city museum fembohaus)


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stadtmuseum fembohaus (city museum fembohaus)



Probably one of the most interesting part of this city tour! The feeling as we stood there was "errie"!


This was our favorite tour. It starts in the attic of the home with a video that corresponds to a wooden model of the city. As each place is featured, it lights up on the model. Take the elevator to the 4th floor and then work your way down through the rooms. The story of the family is very interesting and a few of the rooms have amazingly artistic and detailed ceilings. We learned quite a bit by touring this house and it survived the bombings, so much of it is original. Good idea to buy a 2-day city pass to have easy access to all of the sites.


located near the Hauptmarkt, this place is definitely worth a visit if you are in Nuremberg.It is value for money. It has a cool concept. It has a model of Nuremberg and it shows the history of the city when the light focuses on that part of the model. It projects the videos on the wall and you have the ption to hear it in English.


Go there if you want to know the history of this town. Very detailed material and an unbelievable presentation of a model of the city in the last floor.


This is the city museum of Nuremberg and it is very well presented through the audio guide. The museum is housed in an old house that survived the bombing of WWII and the audio guide is narrated by the various historical figures who used to live in the house. Each person describes the rooms of the house and how they came to look the way they do, what they were used for and a little bit of he history of Nuremberg during the time that they were alive. The general descriptions of each room come first and any additional information gives you the option to skip ahead if you are not interested in listen to that part. We really enjoyed this museum.


This museum presents the history of the city, across ages. For us, it was a great starting point to understand better the rest of the sights, and place them in a real context.This sight can provide audio-guides in English with no additional fee required.The admission fee is 5 EUR but, being a municipal museum, for an extra 2.5 EUR you can transform your ticket into a Day ticket and visit for free any other municipal museum in that day.This attraction is included in the Nuremberg Card (23 EUR for 2 days - attractions and public transportation included).


If you visit the museum you should definitely do the audio tour. It is very informative and makes the exhibits even more interesting. The story of the city and the house itself is told very well.


This museum provides the opportunity to both learn about the city and see inside the only original merchant's house that was left standing after WW2. Very good audio guide available in English. The photographic exhibition of the city both pre and post war was a real eye opener. The introductory film to explain the key buildings on the lovely hand carved wooden model of the city was good too.


When visiting Nuremberg this is your first stop. The museum is close to the Imperial Castle in a very impressive old house. The best part about the museum is that it gives you a great primer to the city, its history and its many sites which you will find on your endless wonders. This is a great place to start your exploration of the city.


The top floor of the museum has a model of the Altstadt of Nuremberg and a presentation. It was very interesting to learn what an important city it was throughout history and how much was destroyed in World War II,


Great museum, especially the cinematic history of Nuremburg shown over a model of the city. Again, we were shown around briefly by a German gentleman who spoke fluent Russian and found that you need at least 2 hours to explore it in detail. We had just half an hour. I regret not having more time to look around this informative and well laid out museum.


Nuremberg has a lot to be proud off when it comes to its history. This museum offers a great view into the history of this town. There are also local merchants that offer their products that one can buy.


Husband and I loved this museum! The town of Nuremberg itself has so much history. There is a room that gives a film and diorama display of old Nuremberg and is offered in different languages. At first walking in I was a skeptic but after hearing so many details of the history, I really fell in love with the City. The museum itself was home to one of the richest families in Nuremberg, and the carvings on the ceilings, paintings etc and all original, which is amazing. The staff spoke great English and were very helpful. I recommend going here first before you tour the city and see the sights, it gives you a better outlook on the City and really helped me enjoy it.


Well displayed lining interiors as well as historical displays.Closes early so allow enough time.Good audio guide in different language and buttons to press for illustrative conversations and music.Enjoyable


This museum is interesting, creative and rather unusual, as it gives a lot of information about the building itself and about the story of the city from the Middle centuries up to 21 century. Audioguide not only gives the information, it tells the story on behalf of people, who lived in this very old building in different periods. You can imagine, what had happen in the rooms even when the interior is almost empty. Some rooms provide extra multimedia facilities upon your choice, for example, you may listen to music of 15-18 (if I remember correctly) centuries of watch for short archival films about the city.At the ground floor for extra money you may watch the 1-hour film about the story of the city. It was also nice.

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