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germanisches nationalmuseum



This museum has the Way of Human Rights outdoor sculpture along the walkway leading to the main entrance of the museum. There is no admission charge from 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. on Wednesday nights and I used this three hour time frame to get an overview of the diverse and eclectic holdings that reside in this massive edifice that encompasses modern architecture with a previous cloister,large cloister courtyard, church & monks' dwellings. It was easy to store my winter coat in a locker before starting my tour using a map in English that I got at the information desk.This museum has four levels. The temporary exhibit on pocket watches was in the exhibition halls across the walkway where the Way of Human Rights is that is reached via a stairway down from the entrance desk to where the lockers & restrooms are located.The entrance area has a great sculpture entitled "Capital City" that is a collection of street signs in the former East Berlin that were taken down after the fall of East Germany. I'd advise that you go into the entrance area to see this sculpture as you walk down the Way of Human Rights even if you decided not to visit this museum.I have a great sense of direction and I am really good at interpreting maps but because of the way this museum is constructed I had to double back a couple of times to see sections of the museum that I had missed on my initial pass through.The great aspect of this museum is the diversity of its holdings that span centuries. It's hard for me to believe that there is not some aspect of history, culture, architecture, painting & sculpture, decorative & folk art, fashion, musical instruments, arms & armor, medical & scientific instruments and assorted other exhibits that would be of interest to anyone with an imagination.


I spent two afternoons here and barely scratched the surface. Be sure to pick up an audio guide, as it explains works in more depth. The physical guides to each room's theme helps you acquaint yourself to the works and decide if you're interested or not. You can find them in German and English next to each doorway. There's almost too much variety for this museum's own good. Orient yourself with the audio guide's easy-to-use museum tour.The front desk was always helpful. Everything's in good condition. If you even kind of like art you'll find something that interests you. And if you aren't yet familiarized, you're bound to find something that will pique your interest in a specific movement or artist.


The building is impressive but I did not find the collections inside excited. I really enjoyed the temporary exhibition of pocet watches which ends April 12


Do take time to visit this excellent museum which presents a survey or German art and craft. I especially enjoyed the wood carvings. Look for the large angel that peers down from above as you enter the cloister section.


This museum is huge and offers a great variety of exhibits. I would have never expected anything like that in a city like nuremberg. If this museum would be located in berlin, evryone would know it. Go there and experience german history, culture and art in a way you have never seen before. Half of the museum is nicely refurbished and the objects are well displayed. The other half could get some improvements, but anyway - the range of things displayed is just amazing...


Be sure you have enough time reserved for the visit, it is THE museum to see in Nuremberg if you are a historian or history enthusiast. You'll get, inevitably lost, but it makes the discovery experience even more interesting. Thematic exhibitions/units spice things up! It's a must see.


This is a modern building with very nice museography, the pieces are nicely displayed and cover several centuries of German history. Wednesdays is a day when it closes late so you can take advantage of it.


This had all different items including stone tools from ancient man (and a small horse cave drawing too), guild artifacts, ancient scientific instruments, a full pharmacy set-up, musical instruments, weapons, clothing, tapestries, paintings and sculptures etc. I only saw about half the museum because of limited time, but would need a full day (or two) to see everything. They have a good highlights pamphlet in English, and many (but definitely not all) items have English descriptions.


great collections, diverse. Try to wear light close, is very warm in the most spaces inside . It worth to visit, maybe two days spent here would make the visit more enjoyable.


This is a huge museum, so just go to the areas you want to go about as it's too big to see at one time. There's a lot here. We went to the ancient rooms and some of the boards are in english but not all of them. There were also some translation issues and the boards did not read so well. We also went to the folk rooms on the 5th floor to see the reconstructed german houses, which were interesting. There's also art here. We spent three hours here but could have spent more….partner's leg was hurting so we did not stay for long and he went to sit down in the various seats around while I looked.Note that there are lockers for use. You cannot take big bags in. So have a euro coin for the lockers, which you do get back. Staff were friendly.


This museum is huge. You can spend half a day in it and still can't say you covered it all. However, this is mainly a history museum and if you are not a fan of those, this museum would not change your mind.That being said, the organization of this museum seemed to be a mess. The ladies supervising the museum don't speak English at all. Only part of the exhibits have description in English. I think there is an audio-guide available because of the signs displayed in the exhibits' description, but we didn't get any information about that at the reception.There are some tours of the museum throughout the day, but when we arrived at the meeting point, nobody was there, and since we didn't had any assistance in English at this site, I'm almost sure the tours weren't held in English.


Well this is the place to come! From artwork to costumes, musical instruments to actual life size historical rooms, there is something to cater for all. The museum is a bargain for a family as it was only 10 euros. This is the English website are good sized lockers to secure your coats and bags. Disabled access is good.There is a cafe on the ground floor which although we didn't eat there it looked good. The toy museum is in a different building just a short walk turning left out of the main entrance. Although it's not as good as the main toy museum in the city it is still worth looking around. On the downside some of the museum's layout can feel a little bit disorientating but if you stick by the free guide map you'll be fine. If they colour coded the various 'rooms' it would probably make it a lot easier. Overall it's a very interesting place to visit and you could easily spend quite a few hours there. If you intend to do a whistle stop tour you'll need to allow about 2 hours. I intend to go back.


I am not a fun of museums but this is something different. This museum shows all the history of Germany and a lot more... Be prepared, you will need all the morning hours to see everything. Also, we went there on Wednesday at 6-9 pm it is free.


If you want to learn more about the rich history of Germany, please visit this wonderfull museum. On the top floor there is a compleet furnished old farmerhouse.


After the castle and the old town, we have found this museum to be a must visit attraction. It is large and diverse. Chose what you want to see, otherwise you we be overwhelmed and there all day.The museum is Germany's most important. There is an archialogical collection, works by the most important German painters and sculptors, features on old church interiors, musical instruments, scientific instruments and toys. I should also mention the armour and weapons.The museum is partly in an old convent.....going back to about 1259. I have made two visits, and may go back again. This is easy to do on Wednesday evenings, with free entry after 6 pm.I noticed guided tours, but they have been in German. They may be for enthusiasts studying specific areas as tour leaders were spending time at the significant displays.I had some difficulty finding the museum, but it is easy if approached from Operahouse underground station. Walk straight into the old town, and it is on your left. Outside is the Way of Human Rights, with a row of cylindrical pillars displaying the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in different languages.Bags are not allowed in, but there are lockers with a refundable fee.

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