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fun. Nice place to visit and enjoy for some wonderfully energizing hours by yourself or in good company. TRy and socialize with the locals as they are welcoming and willing to help and go the extra mile. Recommend a visit!


I suggest it to any family. its a simple but yet fun large playground. I liked it and hopefully will go again soon.


A lovely Fun Park, we really had no expectations, but were positively surprised. A lot of the activity is outdoor, so hope for good weather. The food service was average, but did the job. Our feeling was that this is more toward the small kids, under 12 year olds. Also the summer activites were closed during our early spring visit, so we did not experience them.


First impressions was at how clean the place is compared to most uk theme parks (guess that's Germany all over though!) Through the gates and the fun starts, inside, kids of playmobil age this is an absolute dream, piles and piles of sectioned playmobil areas each having it's own theme. Outside and the meandering paths take you to all corners of the park, passing slides, water features and more playmobil features including a few 20foot sinks for kids to lay boats etc in! Lunchtime! Now that is an experience I will never forget, no queue, every man for himself against a 7foot long counter with 300 other people. The strongest eat and the weakest don't or wait a very long time. Strange, I never understood that but aparantly it was the norm. Overall, not a huge park but enough to be entertained all day and one that's kids will remember forever.


Great park, price also okay until you reach the shop going out. Then things change. Playing with playmobil for hours and hours while we drink coffee. Thats what i call holiday. On a nice day it gets full bit it stil is a nice visit. Our son is now 9, think that this will be our last time. I think that For ages up to 10 its heaven in playmobil world!


Really good and safe for babies and children. Especially for small children.There is nothing at all for adults. Very good in case of bad weather too (they have a big indoor space where children can play).


The park is worth visiting and staying for a full day or two. Went with our grand-kids (1 & 3). Lots of fun filled activity where adults can join in the fun. Had to pry the kids from every spot-but the next one was just up ahead-so it caught their attention before they could whine about leaving the previous one-Get the 9 euro breakfast wristband for all you can eat between 9-11am and your set for a day of fun. Don't miss this park which includes a castle for kids, Pirate ship and wooden rafts to ride on, plenty of climbing and sliding fun, familiar toy figures throughout


This is an amazing place to visit with children. The entrance fee is only 10 euro, not that much really. We went mid May on a sunny day and although I am sure in summer it's even better, there were lot of things to do.There are many impressive set ups. A medieval castle -we spent 3 hours here- a pirate's ship, a dinosaur's nest, a wild west area, an addorable farm and so many others. A lot of the attractions involve water, so be sure to take a spare set of clothes.In toilets there are dryers for the kid's clothes, really helpful. We spent the whole day here and it was barely enough. Do stay at the playmobil aparthotel, for a complete packaged experience.


One of the best days of our holiday. Our two children loved this place (3 and 5 years old). No rides, as such, just loads of great attractions and things to play on / with. So many different areas which kept them entertained all day, and food VERY reasonably priced.


If the weather is looking good, spend a day at this wonderful outdoor park. Kids get a chance to use their imagination while actively going through Playmobil-themed lands (such as a Dinosaur land, Pirateland, Treehouse area, Western,etc.) The Pirate area was a hit with us- you can get on a standing raft and move yourself across the lake with oars. We went with children that were almost 10 and 7 years old. We saw kids in the park who looked like they were up to about 12 years old and they seemed to be having a good time too. The admission price was 11€ per person, which was quite reasonable for a whole day of playing. It is also ok to bring in your own drinks and picnic lunches. Parking was 4€ for our car for the day. There is a Playmobil store at the entrance of the park if you want to buy something. That's quite a differnce when compared with Legoland which has stores all over the park bombarding kids to buy their products. Also, you might want to bring extra clothes with you as there are opportunities to get wet.


We parked our motorhome in their available carpark overnight and came by this place by chance. Wonderful place to go with the kids. Very interactive. Spent the entire day there. The entrance fee was also very affordable as compared to pricey Legoland. I wish we had some thing like this back in Australia.


If you are visiting Nuernberg with your small kids, don't forget to bring them to this park. It will brighten their day. I called a taxi from/to the Nuernberg Hbf (main station) to the park. It took 25-30 mins and costed 25-28 euros (with some traffic). Don't bother to find public transport since there is no direct connection and takes much longer. You won't want the stress when you have small kids in tow. The park is a giant playground, very creatively designed with no waiting in line as in some of the Freizeitspark in Germany (Lego park, Ravensburg Spieleland etc.). The entrance cost is minimal around 10 euro per person, so don't miss it.


Playmobil is the best place for young kids. No mechanical rides, but lots of places to spend energy. Everything neat and extremely well organized. Even small armbands to put parents phone number on kids. Small ponds where kids love to play in water, bring swimming suit. Plenty of machines to dry your clothes.Fantastic conditions, be it sunny, be it raining.Great place for young families.Have great fun, our family surely did.


We visited this park in the august school holidays with our 3 young children aged 5, 2 1/2 & 4 months.The park is great for young kids. It is not a park with rides etc so there is no queuing except for some of the boats & rafts. It is set out into areas such as knights, old west, water play etc and also has an indoor area with Playmobil toys and climbing equipment.Easy accessible with a pushchair and immaculately clean. I have never seen park toilets so clean.The park was really busy due to it being the holidays but this wasn't really any problem as it's so big and we didn't have to que - which can be a nightmare with small kids in the heat!!The parks shop is also worth a visit and the toys are very reasonably priced - a lot being cheaper than you can buy back home.There were several nice places to eat on site which again were very reasonably priced.Entry in high season was 11euro for over 3yrs, or 8euro if you arrive after 4pm. The park was open till 7pm.I would definitely recommend for anyone travelling near the area with young kids, however kids over about 10yrs I think would get bored quite quickly.


I really love this park. It is perfect for small children. My daughter is 2,5 and she enjoyed it very much. There are lots of activities for children of her age, we even did not visited them all. The park is prepared for every wheather, when it starts raining you can stay inside in the Hob centrum and play or climb as a monkey on the nets.

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