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alte mainbruecke







this bridge is covered with statues and has a bar at the end of it where everyone gets a beer or a glass of wine and hangs out here when the weather is nice.


This is the most beautiful place in Bavaria . I had been there at 2007 with some of my friends from Julias Maximillion Uni. And it was really good. The veiw from the top looks amazing and there is also a old palace and in that palace there is some well which was build very deep, i have never seen such deep well!


Great moonlight walk location. Romantic, picturesque and beautiful. We were there in low season and there were only a couple other people on the bridge. Just as fantastic as the Charles bridge in Prague but quieter and you can actually see the statues!


The best time to visit, for me, is June, when the chanterelle mushrooms are in season. The restaurant is located on the Main river, next to the bridge that was seen in the Three Musketeers movie. The food is excellent!


We entered Wurzburg via the Alte Mainbruecke and enjoyed a delicious lunch overlooking the bridge with a long view up to Schloss Marienberg. The statues are beautiful. We were treated to some live accordian music as well.For more tips,reviews and suggestions based on a lifetime of travel, visit our website:


A great place To relax enjoying the view with a glass of the local wine in hand. Stunningly constructed with sculpture adorning the length of the bridge. For me it was a fraviorite haunt during my stay.


look at the water rushing past, for signs of old industries on the banks and try a riverside walk, away from the traffic is best


Don't miss this place while in Würtzburg. Especially at night it's the place to go. Pick up a glass of excellent locally produced wine and soak in the charm, the social life and quiet ambience on the bridge. Watching a barge going through the lock is an interesting sight.


It was a nice place to enjoy with your spouse. We did the walk in the evening and also in the morning, and both time were nice. It was so calm, romantic and the views are amazing. It also a good spot to make a good photo shot.


This is a very beautiful bridge, right in the middle of town. The statues are impressive, and the views are lovely


Having been to Prague a few times I have experienced its wonderful pedestrian-zoned Charles Bridge, one of the finest bridges in Europe. I do not remember if I read that the Alte Mainbrücke was modeled on it or not, but I can't help thinking it was. It's not as wide a span, there are not so many statues, but it is still a pleasant bridge, and a very pleasant part of Würzburg. It's certainly worth a stroll over, a look from...AND a great place, if the weather cooperates, to enjoy a glass of local wine outside, not even at a table, but anywhere on the bridge. That's what festive folk were doing when I was there. The restaurants at the edges of the bridge have windows from which you can order wine, thus making the the bridge even more palatable, if you will - add to this the very enthusiastic and quite talented accordionist on the bridge (at least both times I traversed it) and you have not just a bridge, but an event!For another view, hike up to the Marienburg Fortress, and you'll get a good feel for the bridge, the lovely churches beyond, in fact the entire city.


If you're in the city around 5pm, and the sun decided to spend his end-afternoon with you, you should definitely have a glass -or more- of wine on this bridge. Locals and tourists just like to spend some time here, enjoying the view on the Main, Marienburg, the Chapel, the Wine-hills... A place to be or have been !


It is a nice place to hangout with friends or to have a stroll on a summer evening. The view of fortress from the bridge is spectacular especially at the time of sunset.

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