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schnutgen museum



We were not told that our ticket allowed us into another part of the museum.Staff on desk were not very helpful.


The museum itself is really nice, one part is set in an old church.You should be really interested in the medieval art, religion an so on; if not, it may become really boring...


There are 3 payable museums in this one location & you could easily be here most of the day however they are well organised with lockers for bags/coats, toilets & a cafe area so there is no need to be rushed or under any pressure. Amazing artifacts & very well laid out. A must for all ages.


This museum is inexpensive (5 Euros) and very neat. The art is all Christian-related but beautiful and not often seen. Most art museums focus on Renaissance art but this is medieval. Neat museum.


Really impressive collection of medieval Christian artifacts. The place is maintained very well. There is text in English which was really helpful. Worth a visit.


Perfect choice, dont think twice. You must visi this museum as soon as possible!Absolutely breathtaking!


This was a really interesting museum with lots of reliquary, a treasury and many other interesting items rescued from before WWII bombing runs started.


Part of the church of St. Cecelia this is a surprisingly interesting museum for those interesting in the stained glass and sculptures of the middle ages


Beautiful artifacts inside former St. Caecilia church, with newly purpose build annex. High quality medieval church artifacts on display, stain glas windows especially recommended!


Anytime you see the words "medieval" and "art" rammed together, you can bet that you're going to experience a heavy dose of Christian-themed artwork. That's the case here. The exhibitions are interesting and well-spaced, so you didn't feel as if you were crowded all the time. Like so many of the museums in Cologne, this one was just the right size. It wasn't so large that you felt you needed to rush through, yet it offered plenty to see and is worthy of your time.


What a beautiful museum located in an old church. When we went, and I'm not sure if it's still there or not but they had a wonderful display of stained glass. The majority of the descriptions were written in both German and English which was nice. It's a very relaxing museum to walk around in and take in the nice collection of medieval artefacts. Would very happily go back to the Schnutgen again!


Very interesting museum. very well laid out with some very interesting subtexts behind the exhibitions, certainly it makes you think! Only problem is some of the displays are too close to the entrance doors and it can been difficult to hear the audio guide for those exhibits as lots of people are coming in and out through that door. Staff very helpful


Schnutgen Museum has a wonderful collection of medieval works arranged inside an old church, in a modern way, in a large, well-lit environment. It surprised me, didn't expect such beauty!


This is one of the most wonderful museum in Cologne. I would suggest people to buy the cologne Museum pass worth Euro 15 for single person and Euro 28 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children. This pass allows us the entry to 11 Museums in Cologne for 2 days and travel in Bus and trams free of cost for the 1st day. This pass is a must to save on the entry fee if you wish to visit 3 or more museums.Regarding this museum, this is very nice artistic place worth a watch.


This museum houses an outstanding stained glass collection plus numerous statues. There was an exhibition of garments when we were there, but I am not sure if that is a permanent part of the collection. The statues are housed in the remains of a Romanesque church and the building adds an extra something to the pieces. This museum is free with the Museum Card and can easily be combined with the attached cultural museum and several others in the area. There is also a nice café with outdoor seating should the urge to snack hit.

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