roman-german museum (romisch-germanisches museum)


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roman-german museum (romisch-germanisches museum)

This museum houses an impressive collection of classical art, including...


My visit to the Roman-German museum was memorable. This one of the best collections of Roman artifacts in Germany and from what I recollect there was a special emphasis on music in the Roman era.


Well laid out, interesting artifacts, good computer graphics.We got a two day ticket for multiple museum visits and made good use of it.


Where to start? Wonderful mosaics, the finest collection of Roman glass in the world, and so much else. A fascinating exhibition was on when we went called 'modern archaeology' which sounds odd. In the thirties the Nazis dumped what they called 'degenerate art' - sculptures in this case. They were rediscovered during excavations.


If you are in Koln, pay a visit. You will travel in time in a wonderful museum. Also don't miss the remains of the roman era in front of the dome.


This is a fun stop if you like history. You can do this on your own. It took 2 hrs so it will not eat up too much of your day


Cologne was built over a Roman settlement, & the museum was built directly over a 3rd century Roman villa. A large mosaic floor from 220 AD remains in its original position because its large size would have made it very difficult to remove and reposition. Hundreds of Roman artifacts are displayed in glass cases or large exhibits. None of the signage was in English, but the Internet gave great descriptions of many of the larger pieces. There are no restrictions on picture taking and there is a lot to see. The museum is close to the river boat docks, so it is easy to find your way back if you come on a cruise as we did.


On a positive note the mosaic floor that can be seen from outside the building anyway is worth walking arround, but the remaining exhibits eventually became tedious. If Roman history is your "thing" then you will enjoy this but at 9 euro entrance fee i was very disappointed


Quite big exhibition, but rather expensive in comparison with another museums in this trip. If you are interested in Roman things, I suppose you can spend many time here. If arrived just for the curiosity, there were not many eye-catchers, at least for me.


A very nice static museum that is for everyone with a deep interest in Roman archeology and architecture. A mosaic floor found at the spot is visible fro outside the museum, but there is so much more beauty inside. Very well preserved utensils and every day items in excellent condition on display. Many tombstones tell about the lives of the people that lived an died here.When I get back here, for sure i'll visit this place again. So much to see


Lots of exhibits and signs in both English and German. Interesting variety of Roman, pre-Roman and more recent artefacts from the area. The modern excavations section was particularly interesting.


A great museum next to the church well worth a look. Covering Roman-German history. There are a wide selection of other topics covered as well.


After growing up near Cologne I have visited this museum at least 3 times. I think it is only now as an adult that i fully appreciate it. Definitely worth a visit and the large mosaic is wonderful (if you are a little bored after though don't worry there are 3 breweries near by!).


Huge collection of artefacts (if that's your thing) and a rather well designed internal space. I did not particularly liked it but that's because of my lack of interest in the exhibits...


spent so much time just admiring those stunning Mosaic floors. Great statuary and ordinary items used by the rank and file that were quite ahead of the times. Lovely gift shop too


Excellent museum right besides the cathedral. Fascinating exhibits on Roman items found right on that spot. Don't miss the virtual reality computer showing you the current city and the Roman equivalent. This is really one of the nicest exhibits I have seen to let you understand how a Roman city looked like.But, please, if someone from the museum reads this: make sure visitors can pay with foreign bank cards! It is utterly stupid and completely outdated to refuse non-German bank cards. Where do you think you are? And try to do something about the bad smell at the toilets. And make sure you get more active staff at the cashier and coat-checks: I felt like I was in Eastern-Germany before the fall of the wall: slow, inefficient, bureaucratic.

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