catedral de bonn.


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catedral de bonn.



After you've just visited the Cologne's Dom,the cathedral from Bonn will seem you tiny.But in fact is a very beautiful old building with interesting architecture.


We went just before xmas... So the choir lovely.. Nothing to dislike.. Such peace, better than colonge cathedral..


I loved to see and hear the stories about the cathedral. We were on a guided city tour, which was amazing in itself but the cathedral was one of the first we saw while on our trip. It had a unique history.


We visited the cathedral late on a Sunday afternoon when the weather was a bit gloomy, which added to the atmosphere of dark, dim and perhaps less appealing than it could be.The best part is the cloisters, perhaps because they are such a contrast to the interior in terms of light. equally good are the opportunities for photographs of this lovely building.The worst part was the beggar who decided to play at being the doorman, for a donation. Not appreciated.


We visited Bonn from Dusseldorf and spent few hours and . It was a bank holiday for the Germany and everything was so quiet and we were not able to enter the cathedral. However, it was anice cathedral, at least from the outside!!!


Such a pretty place...a bit unexpected. There is a nice gift shop run by folks who don't speak English. A juxtaposition of ancient, old and newer additions makes this a very interesting building and site. Did not visit lower crypt but wish I had had time to do so.


A beautiful church to photo. Open for viewing and worth a peak. Something to see while in the market area of Bonn. Easy to find.


The church is beautiful outside and inside. The style is romanesque and it has a well-preserved beautiful cloister. In my opinion is one of the best attractions in Bonn and definitively it is worth to visit. When I was there, the chorus was reharsing so it was very special, the acustics were good. There was this strange statue of a queen? I guess holding a wood cross that was particularly interesting.


I have in the past visited a lot of cathedrals and churches, thus I can boldly say that I love the architecture of the church and there are a lot of details to beheld here. I would definitely give this one a four stars if I were merely judging the architecture itself but there is the downturn of the staff. When you book a full tour here I had the feeling that the staff did not want me there and my friend also felt a certain annoyance whenever we asked questions or waited a little to look at things in more detail. The atmosphere is however a little scary here and I felt an awkward strangeness to this place when walking through the old stone walls. I'm not sure if it was like this with other visitors as well, but I must say that there is some sort of dark aspect to the whole church.


As part of our Tauck cruise, we stopped along the Rhine in Bonn and were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to negotiate this city. We made our way to the city centre and came across the magnificent Cathedral which we were told was built between 1150-1230 on the site. It is right in the middle of this busy city and once inside you can sit quietly and admire this marvellous piece of Romanesque Architecture. Students were sitting taking it all in as it is obviously a place of quiet repose. The garden is also a serene place to visit. We loved it.


A place of contemplation. Beautifully and lovely decorated.We loved the cloister garden which is very peaceful.


Está catedral merece uma pausa para visitação. É uma verdadeira obra de arte e as relíquias dos três reis magos estão ali. Este ano está passando por uma reforma do lado externo mais isto não tira a beleza dela. Ambiente maravilhoso.


Burada geçirdiğim bir gün bile harikaydı kesinlikle ziyaret edilmesi gereken bir şehir. Bir gün tekraradan buluşacağımızdan eminim.


Прекрасный образец романского искусства! Колосс! Находится на главной площади Бонна. Около собора лежать огромные каменные головы, мы так и не узнали чьи.


despues de haber visto la de koln esta es bonita pero muy diferente me gusto por fuera por la plaza que la rodea y porque esta cerca de la estación de tren y del centro de la ciudad

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