bonn christmas market


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bonn christmas market



Bonn, was one of many Christmas Markets we visited this past season and our trip was dedicated to this activity through Germany and France. Bonn, was a great experience where you met friendly vendors of crafts and food concessions. Naturally with a bit of cold in the air Gluhwein helps keep you warm. The evening is the best time to visit in order to appreciate the Christmas lights.


You'll find this wonderful Christmas Market in the heart of what was once Germany's capital city. The best thing about this market is the atmosphere! It's not as small as some village markets, and not as large as some of the other markets in Germany - it's just right! The people running the stalls are always friendly and, if they're not too busy, are happy to chat with you! You'll feel like a regular after just two visits :)


Bonn is the former capital and the 19th largest city of Germany. The city is located about 20 kilometres south of Cologne. The impressive illuminated facades on Münsterplatz and its neighbouring streets are the festive backdrop for Bonn's Christmas market. Every year from December 1st the beautiful old town hall is transformed into an enormous Advent calendar, with one more window being lit up each day. There are Christmas concerts and a daily programme of events to enjoy the Christmas festive season. Christmas shopping calls for Christmas markets, and Bonn has just the right atmosphere and the right spirit to go with them. Shop at Münsterplatz, Bottlerplatz Windeckstrasse, Friedensplatz and Vivatsgasse where you'll find everything from ingredients for special recipes to various art and craft items. You'll also find mulled wine, hot mead and chestnuts or you can purchase beeswax candles directly from the bee-keeper. While you shop in this illuminated environment, classical symphonies play in the background. What's more, there is a 280-square-meter ice rink at Friedensplatz—a huge hit amongst one and all.


We met some german politicians there and had a chat with them at a glass of Gluehwein. Great local craftmanship products are sold here, a lot of pottery and candlework. Delicious products from local farms. Our children too loved this place!


If you're in Bonn in december,I think a visit to this Christmas market is a must do thing.Scores of stalls,selling traditional food,mulled wine or other kind of hot drinks,all kind of sweets,handmade jewels or toys,other kinds of handicraft articles.A ferris wheel for children(and not only for them...).Very nice atmosphere but very crowded in the evenings.


we visited on a special Christmas market river cruise during the week before Christmas.This market was a little disappointing in its size and the fact that it was spread out a little so in places lacked a bit of atmosphere.There were the usual stalls but nothing that I could find that was unique.Worth visiting on a tour or cruise but not enough for a lengthier stay.


We went here in december (off course, it's a christmass market).this market has a genuine atmosphere and is not troubled too much with tourists like koln or aachen. A lot of stands with a lot of different products.Would go again tomorrow if I could !


There are 6 Christmas Markets and all a little different. The food and drink is amazing and reasonably priced, good to taste different dishes.The stall offer some high quality gifts , no pressure from the stall holders either, they are happy for you to browse without pressuring you to buy.The lights and huts are beautiful, the best I've ever seen, well worth a visit.


We spent three nights here and visited most of the markets. Food isn't the cheapest but then its unique. Lovely lighting and atmosphere. The stalls are very pretty and the keepers smile a lot. Ask them questions.....especially the glass blowers...interesting.


We decided to visit Bonn by train from Aachen where we were staying for the Christmas market. It was an excellent choice. The market is less than 5 minutes from the train station. There were a large number of huts to look round, most of which had local handmade, high quality products for sale. There were numerous food stalls to choose from and we had some excellent food whilst there. All in all, one of the best we've been to. There is easily enough there to keep you going for a day.


We live in Cologne, but decided to make the trip out to Bonn to see another Christmas market. We both loved it! It is large enough that you have countless different booths to visit, plenty of different foods to eat, and many different kinds of mulled wine to drink (or hot chocolate, if you don't drink wine). The decorations are beautiful and charming, and although it was quite full of people (on a Friday night), it wasn't so packed that you can't get around. Definitely recommend the Bonn Christmas market as a perfect experience of a German Christmas tradition not to be missed!


This Christmas market is a good size for me, not too big and not too small, plenty of nice crafts and Christmas novelties to buy, and at the same time, those singing elks and moose on the roof of some booths are always funny and bring smiles to people's faces.. Enjoy some local holiday snacks when you are here! My favourite is the chocolate almond...


we arrived with some of our German friends sadly it was raining however the Christmas market was fantastic the smells the food and the atmosphere was well getting wet for,. please be careful what you buy the reason for this if you shop around the big stores like Real you can buy items at a quarter of the price apart form this the Christmas market is still well worth the visit


unasumingly, the lights guided me from Satdthaus Parkade in Bonn to Christmasmarket Wonderland. Really! thanks to the planning of the responsible committee, less Gluewein huts were in attendance , but some more really nice Christmas huts with beautifully handcrafted wares were out in full force. ..and they ike to talk , and of course to sell, but chatting is essential. The gluewein stands are a sight to be experienced. A gorgeous memorial glass for your gluehwein in one hand and a Chtristmas goodie in the other, your neighbours are your friends, Chatting, sampling, drinking , it all comes together as a great meeting of the minds, those minds are also from everywhere, England, Canada, Holland, France ,Spain , European Union , peacefully together , celebrating. Isn't that what EU was supposed to be. Christmas markets get it, they rejoice in delight, awesome


Bonn Christmas Market covers a lot of ground, to many of the historic buildings are not visible because of so many stalls. You can tell which are the best food stalls as they are long lines of people waiting to get served, likewise with the alcohol stalls we were lucky and got a seat in a good one. The market ion Birmingham UK is a German except for price is a lot better. Really would have liked to see more history. One good thing was the C&A sale got some good bargains there at great prices. We found Krakow and Budapest markets we have visited in the past were better and not so spread

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