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estatua de beethoven


Just a statue like any other thousands in this world...not one of the biggest,not one of the highest,not made of gold or other expensive metal.Just a regular bronze statue in a regular square.


The Beethoven Memorial in my hometown is an important landmark in my hometown Bonn. It stands on the Münsterplatz, the biggest place in Bonn, which is a beautiful urban spot in summer and winter. Through December the great composer stands in the middle of Bonn's well-known christmas market. At all other times of the year the statue is a perfect foto spot. At his back you see the beautiful old post office, which is from around 1750, a new building when Beethoven himself passed it (which he did quite often). The famous composer Franz Liszt donated a fortune for the memorial, which was given to the public with the participation of the British Queen Victoria and the German Kaiser Wilhelm IV 15 years after the death of Beethoven in 1845. In front of the Statue is the famous Bonner Münster, a church which foundations go even back to the 7th century. You get lots of history in just one spot, a nice selfie of you and Ludwig van Beethoven, and lots of impressions of the small but historical loaded city of Bonn. Don't miss it.


We visited Bonn from Jülich, a town close to Aachen, and we walked to the Statue, it was sunny day and people sat and stood around the statue chatting. It was the first time for us to Bonn and we enjoyed shooting Beethoven under the sun..


The statue is in the place where the christmas market is also held, during the market almost hidden between the tiny houses selling hot wine and sweets, looking down on the happy crowd. I wonder if he enjoys it or not.


We visited Bonn from Dusseldorf and spent few hours there and went to some of the attractions. It was a bank holiday for the Germany and everything was so quiet. However, I found it amazing how such a small city, as Bonn is, could be the birthplace for such a great composer like Beethoven! A must-visit monument.


Nice statue, on a nice square. Plenty of restaurants, beer gardens and so on, but beware, nobody takes card and there is no cash machine in the immediate vicinity, so make sure you take some cash (and not little) with you. Oh and all toilets are paid for too, even if you are actually a customer at the restaurant, so have some coins on you as well.


Right in the middle of the city: the Meeting Point for all people from Bonn! Nice place to just sit and chill and watch people walk by...


One has to see the statue of Beethoven for oneself, but the way in which it is presented on one of the main plazas in Bonn is very nice. It could be a little better maintained, so I must subtract one star here, but otherwise the inscriptions and handiwork used to make the statue itself is very good.


Impressive statue in the main town square/plaza area. Worth the photo opportunity you are visiting Bonn. Looks great set against the yellow building behind it.


The city of Bonn celebrating its famous son with an impressive bronze statue at the cosy square right next to the Minster. Great post card material ;)


Beleza de escultura, bem alta, majestosa e mostrando Beethoven, como sempre, com um ar carregado e triste. Deve ter sido dificílimo para ele, um músico absolutamente .genial,perder a audição aos trinta anos de idade.Realmente, não é imaginável ir a Bonn e não apreciar a Estátua de Beethoven.


A cidade de Bonn foi o berço de Ludwig van Beethoven. Foi nessa cidade que ele teria dado sua primeira apresentação aos 7 anos e composto sua primeira obra aos 13anos. No número 20 da ruela Bonngasse, nasceu Beethoven. Este museu reune manuscritos, cartas e instrumentos musicais; que guarda a maior coleção de obras do compositor. É uma atração certamente imperdível para os amantes da arte e da cultura. Além de estar situada em uma cidade com universidades de 1ª qualidade e linda para passeios em suas excelentes ciclovias!


la estatua de Beethoven esta en el centro de la ciudad no tiene nada de particular solo la importancia que representa para esta ciudad es un homenaje a este famoso músico que nació aquí y que para ellos es muy importante


A estátua é o cartão-postal da cidade. Situada na Münterplatz, é em frente ao monumentoi que muitos moradores de Bonn combinam de se encontrar. Ir até a estátua e ver os cafés e lojas ao redor é o que fará você conhecer o principal de Bonn.


Людвиг Ван Бетховен, наверное, главная «фишка» Бонна. Статуя расположена на главной городской площади напротив старого здания почтамта. Одно из обязательных мест паломничества для поклонников творчества великого композитора, а для остальных просто еще одно приятное место в центре города.

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