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tierpark bielefeld



When we want to relax or to show visiteurs something unique, we often go to Olderdissen - there are so many nice scenes to discover! It's free, there's a great parking and a nice place for coffee and cakes - and you can walk anidst the forest.


Even in the middle of winter when the park is covered in snow, there are still plenty of animals waiting to see you and your food pellets. Its a great concept, there should be more places like this suitable for all ages.


I was a bit disappointed with the animals, I guess I've just been spoilt with good tier parks but as you're only paying for parking it's a nice walk!


This wonderful outdoor park is fun for people of all ages (you don't need kids to justify the trip). There are several paths to explore and lots of exciting animals (sidenote: check out the otter, fantastic). The best part of this park is that there is no admission (and a minimal fee if you want to buy food to feed the animals). You can also extend your visit and explore the botanical gardens, which are connected to the park and equally as interesting. I have visited both places on multiple occasions and am never disappointed. Just be aware that you will be outside (there aren't many places to seek shelter), so dress accordingly!


This is one of the best free attractions around the region. Although many animals were also escaping the low temperatures in December, the park has many walking routes and play areas. The bear park is nice and the bird park has variety. Definitely would recommend a visit.


This was so good, our friends who lived locally were showing us round and we couldn't believe it when they said it was free! We had such a great time seeing everything and the animals seemed well looked after. We were aged 19-21 but I reckon this would be a great day out for everyone.


This is a fabulous day out for everyone. It costs nothing except a small parking fee, and has lots of interesting animals and even some you can feed with food bought from the shop inside the Tierpark. As we went as a couple I couldn't say wether there is stroller parking or even wheelchair access, but there probably is and maybe the information is on the Tierpark site? I love this little zoo, it's brilliant no matter what the season.


We absolutely loved this place! We stayed in Bielefeld for 3 days, and pity that we found out about this place in our last day. Be sure to have enough 50 eurocent coins to buy food to feed animals as it was impossible to change any coins in the park itself. Plan your visit for at least 4-5 hours. And it is worth visiting this place again and again!The only thing that ruined that day is that on our way back to hotel we visited Bauernhaus Museum in Bielefeld. For 20 EUROs we saw 4 small village houses of which 2 were already closed - complete crap location unless you have a few extra EUR to donate to this place.


Bring 50cent so you can buy food and the animals will come running. Dont feed them your food might not be good for them. Well treated happy animals and some like to be pet. Well taken care of the place so it looks nice. Well worth the visit


- Free access- Nice park- Lots of Play Areas for the Kids- Close to the City Center- Interesting Animal Selection


I was there many time and understood for mysekf that Tierpark is so place with wonderful nature. So different of animals and plants, trees and relief of hill and wood are there. And When I've wanted eis-cream there it was so tasty.... This place is interesting not only for children but for adults too. There are bears, wolfs, ducks, links, bezon, different kind of birds and other aninals which live under water, under and on the ground and trees and many others...


This is a fantastic little animal park. The displays are kind and imaginative. It was summer so very crowded. AND gratis. Worth the visit.


If you visit animal zoos, then this is worth the effort. It has been under invested for some years, but there is no. Admission charge.I did have some doubts about the way the two lovely brown bears live


This is a great thing to have for Bielefeld. The park attracts hundreds of people on a sunny day. It is a joy to see the families with kids spending time outside and getting to know all the animals. It is great for walking your dog or just going for a walk at any time. The park has brown bears, any type of owl or bird you can imagine, racoons, bison, wolves, deer, goats or sheep - just animals that would live in the local climate. You can watch the animals be fed and there is a petting zoo for kids. As a born and raised Bielefelder, I recommend visiting the Tierpark if you ever want to get out of the city and just watch some cool animals.


Only €2 for the car park and then free to walk around the park to see the animals that were or are native to Germany. Fun day for the kids, play areas, petting areas.....of little goats not the bears! Restaurant and ice cream parlour on site too! Nearby is a climbing in the trees area too if you wanted to make a day of it!

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