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Aquazoo is shut for refurbishment so we spent a bit of time in a nice little cafe next door. bet it is lovely in the summer, but was a bit gloomy in January in the rain!


If you are really into walking, you could walk from the Konigsallee through the beautiful Nordpark and then continue to the Rhine and walk back through the Altstadt. That is a walk I took and really loved it. The Nordpark is a quite place with Swans and statues and Germans enjoying the slow life.


I stopped here to visit the AquaZoo but found it was closed. So I walked through the park to the Messe, and was wonderfully surprised by the beauty, serenity and size of the park. Worth a visit on a nice day.


very noce atmosphere and many romantic hidden corners.small lakes and lots of birds and even swans.nice for morning or afternoon walks


A very well groomed and cozy park in the city. It's right next to a shopping area and it's nice to do some shopping and then have a nice relaxing walk or sit in the park. You can also sit on a bench at various locations and watch the geese, swans, ducks ect. Very relaxing.


A beautiful park, even if a bit far from the city centre, it's worth a walk along the Rhine river to get you there.


Definitely worthwhile to visit - in spite of some damaged trees due to heavy storm some months ago, it is extremely relaxing to spend 2-3 hours


The park was hit by a microburst a couple of weeks before we arrived. I can imagine it was beautiful before hand. Major cleanup operations were in place when we were there. Would love to visit again in the future.


Nordpark was designed and build around 1930.Although the layout and mature trees make for a pleasant park attention to details could make the park even better.After visiting the perfect gardens HORTUS PETER JANKE,hochdahler strase 350,HILDEN the park was a slight disappointment.A summer storm caused significant damage.


Nordpark is extremely easy to get to. You get off right at the entrance! Nice and big park to wander around with a Japanese style garden at one end of it. There is also a cafe/restaurant which, surprisingly, doesn't over price anything! And was very nice also.Only negative was the 'Aqua Zoo' was closed but that is just bad timing on our park. Defiantly worth a trip too if in Dusseldorf.


This is an excellent park with many fountains, a lot of flora and fauna, sufficient benches to sit and relax ..a vast expanse of greenery!!


It's a nice place to take a walk at anytime. Lots of gardens, water fountains and ducks. The park's big and calm. Worth a visit.


Well landscape dusseldorf park , around the shell of Craig house . Lot of peacocks and lots of people on the week end . Toilets could do whit upgrading in order to cope whit numbers using them . Nice to sit on bench whit sandwich and watch world go by .


Nordpark is a nice park especially in the Spring when the Cherry Blossom and Magnolia tress are in bloom. There is a nice cafe and restaurant as well as children playgrounds. The Aquazoo is also located in the park but it currently closed for renovations.


Built during the time of the national-socialists the garden and some of the scultures seen there cannot hide their origins. For people interested in (garden) history and those wanting to relax. Attached there is also a Japanese Garden.

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