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This promenade includes restaurants, bars and cafeterias, you can find...


Despite the cold weather, a sight to be seen. There are many small cafes. One of the nice places to be visited in Düsseldorf.


It was the first day of nice weather in Dusseldorf since last year so the front was absolutely heaving. Couldn't move for people. However, I could still a appreciate that this was by all accounts a lovely spot and enjoyed the walk along the harbor anyway.


Lovely place to walk and relax, good food around and a great view of the river... great o walk by Rhine!!


A lovely walk beside the Rhine. There are often food festivals along here which are good to see and excellent to eat


Quite enjoyable even in February. Plenty of pubs and museums around. There is a choice for everyone.


Lots of people jogging along the river. Others just having a walk, sunbathing, walking their dogs. The sunset was amasing with the view of the Rheimtour and the bridges. Great photo spot also. Great bars and terrases to have a drink while enjoying the sunset.


Düsseldorf's Rheinuferpromenade is a wonderful place to go for a drink or dine at one of areas countless waterfront bars and restaurants. It is in close walking distance to the Altstadt, the main culinary and nightlife district of the city, and the central Königsalle street that is home to numerous brand name stores, as well as being in close vicinity to several large department stores. Spending a summer's afternoon by going for a run along Düsseldorf's Media harbour, across the Oberkasseler Brüke and around the Rheinuferpromenade is a wonderful way to familiarise yourself with the heart of this beautiful German city.


Came here for an early morning stroll.I was too early to see any of the cafés and restaurants open.It was freezing cold ,it was sunny and bright.Had a quick walk loved the views over the river .Recommended, would like to try another visit when it's warmer


Very orderly and clean walkway along river Rhine, caffes are open in winter with gas heaters and great altbier (old beer). Tree lines are beautiful and scenes and buildings are magnificent, old german architecture, big ferris wheel, german sausages, great place!


Lovely location with lots of bars - great atmosphere and welcoming -even with a toddler!Gorgeous chips and pizza- although a litre of beer was SO heavy! But gorgeous!


wonderful place ...........particularly if the sun is shining which is not always the case in germany. one of the fish-restaurants is my favorite place. GOSCH, 'nordsee-krabben' with 'bratkartoffeln' and many other german specialties. only parking in that area is difficult.


I only have been to Düsseldorf Promenade two times, but it left a great impression on me. It is lovely and lively during the day and the night. It has restaurant, cafes, and night life. You can walk around, you can rent a bike, or just set and enjoy a cup of coffee. To anyone who says Germany is dull at night, I recommend a visit to the Promenade.


Dusseldorf is full of surprises and this was one of the best. The area along the river is relaxing and beautiful. There is plenty to see and lots of cafes to sit and sip coffee or have have a beer. Don't forget your camera! I was there in spring and the locals and tourists were already out enjoying the beauty of the Rhine. I am sure it is wonderful any time of year.


I have to admit this is my favorite place in Dusseldorf. The best place to spend the afternoon, watching the sun set, drinking beers, and hanging out with friends. Find it very romantic for couples to stroll along the Rhein river. Love the view and love the ambience!


One of the nicest places in the city, and a great walk. It is right near altstadt also so near to plenty of other things. The bars along here are great, all under cover but outside, and have large screens for sport events. Definitley go!

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