rhine tower (rheinturm)


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rhine tower (rheinturm)















塔楼的两层都开放(2013年4月),而且门票只需要40元,我就能去观光台(有酒吧和蛋糕)。景色优美,而且上楼很容易,并且游客并不多。去杜塞尔多夫旅行时非常适合来此参观。: )


Can enjoy a really nice city view while you are taking your lunch in the restaurant or enjoy a drink at the bar.


I had a spare hour so decided to get a perspective of Dusseldorf from the Rheinturm. Once at the top, 15 minutes was all it took to take it all in. Mostly what I had expected but interesting plotting some of the places I'd been to during my visit. With 20 minutes or so to spare I enjoyed a good German coffee in the cafe. Another city tower done - the Rhein is the majesty of this view point.


Good view of the meandering river, the city....the cafe is good as well.... but then for someone who likes taking photo, the light inside is extremely annoying as it reflects from the glass and as the sun sets it gets worse....... and DO NOT even by mistake go out of the door that has exit sign....take the elevator on the same floor......if you by any chance do that you have to walk 960 stairs to the exit.....


A quick elevator up and you have the view of the rhine as is bends past Düsseldorf, the views are outstanding, and there is even a restaurant and a cocktail bar for those who like to stay. With big glass windows the view can't be obstructed. A nice relaxing visit for those who enjoy the simple things in life.


Very reasonably priced with a cafe or higher still the restaurant, or simply wander around admiring the views. You have a magnificent view of the meandering river Rhein and the steady flow of industrial river barges. Or look the other way and the city from a birds-eye view will capture your fascination. If you are there to see a bit of Dusseldorf then why not see all of it from the Tower?


Went on a day when it was partly cloudy. Yet the views were pretty nice. Reasonable admission fee; easy to reach. There was a short line to ride the elevator up, and then down as well, but no issues. I had hoped to find a more private bar/café at the top, but this was very crowded and I didn't feel like lingering.


I must say that going to a skylight place is always right and i. His case its perfect, on a clear day you see everything around düsseldorf, and if you want you could have a nic dinner here as well. The panorama view is 168 meters above surface, and it wont take you more han 20 seconds to go thereby elevator.


wonderful and helpful staff that greet you and take you up the tower in a very fast Lift , the views are breathtaking, the perfect way to see dusseldorf in all its glory ! a great experience, all the viewing areas are beautifully lit and has a wonderful warm vibe.

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