st. lambertus church


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st. lambertus church





Nice church. Visiting it you get exactly what to expect from the visiting of main church in old town.


An absolute gem of Dusseldorf. It is not just look beautiful outside, but inside you would find very peaceful and, even, spiritual environment prompting to stop for few minutes and think about this world and about life. Must see place in Dusseldorf.


When in Dusseldorf, make sure you visit Lambertus church. It is right in the center, near the Rhine promenade. Beautiful inside and out and richly decorated, this roman catholic church is a must, even only for the crooked tower.


As a Catholic you would love to see church. You would find there are many sections with wonderful craft. I personally like that Station of the Cross which made by clear stone. This is free entrance. If you go Dusseldorf for Christmas Market then pass by the big wheel and the coast then you there.


This is an impressive church to be sure, but it nothing compared to some of the other places you will find in Munich or the Dom in Koln. worth a look inside if you are on the Burg Platz.


If you come to the old town you should look for this church. When you go inside you can feel silence. It's worth to visit and take a few minute rest when you visiting Dusseldorf.


The aura of quiet when I came upon this Dusseldorf landmark in Old Town compelled me to enter the tranquil place for a prayer or two within. Its towering spire and watchtower, its softly-lit interior with its beautiful stained-glass windows, gently carved icons send your spirit soaring while finding rest for the soul. Beautiful!


We visited St. Lambertus Cathedral after the Rhine promenade. You are unlikely to miss this imposing edifice in Altstadt. It was clean, empty and very peaceful. The interior is notable for the wood statue of the Virgina and Child. But personally I always marvel at pipe organs, how different they may look.Tip: Don’t miss the return of the prodigal son on the main door.


We were able to attend a service here and loved the interiors as well as the preserved sacred pieces inside. There were a good number of parishioners and later you can visit corners for your prayers and devotion. A peaceful place to ponder, reflect and pray.


I think it is a well kept nice church sitting in a quiet spot. After the church, you can either go to the shopping and food side or the Rhine river side. They are all very close.


The church, which sits beside the River Rhine, is best known for the steeple which was built at a strange angle. Inside is beautiful and tranquil. Good for quiet reflection.


This is a very interesting church and inside there is a true sense of peace. There are many outstanding parts to the church and it is well worth a visit


I collect churches. Meaning for some reason the ornateness of churches always draw me in. St. Lambertus Church sneaks up on you. From the outside, you are simple expecting a humble church. But once inside, you find much churchly bric-a-brak.


As Cabo Rob NB says, it's not terribly unique or old. We liked the twisted spire, the outside brickwork and the cobbled, peaceful courtyards nearby most. Inside, we liked the unusual subdued abstract stained glass in brown and white.

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