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Nice spot in the center of Old Town. Many of the museums, souvenir shops and pubs located around. If you are walking through Old Town you will find yourself in this place in one or another way.


The Christmas market in this area was one of the nicest with the stalls made up to look like old houses - not the usual wooden huts.I am not too good at heights so I am afraid we did not brave the Big Wheel.


Cozy square with lots of leisure activities. It contains Christmas market, monuments old houses and one of the best - Ferris wheel which looks like fire wheel in the night. Also you can find several local beerhouses to have a drink or meals. Looks magnificent!


Besides having a lot of restaurants here is the place whe you can get the RHEIN RIVER TOURS to know a little more about Dusseldorf


This is one of my favourite places in Dusseldorf and to me the gateway to the Rhine. It is wide and open and active with a wide choice of places to eat and drink and sit


This area has a lot to offer. You can find everything you want to eat/drink here. Great place to have your meals outside and see the crowd passing by.


This is near the Burgplatz where you will also find many of the other top attractions on Trip Advisor, along with shopping, food, and drink. Stop by Reilly's Pub for a Guiness Pint or the Schweine Janes for a pork sandwich while you are there in the area.


....on and around the Burgplatz. There are many Restaurants and out door eateries. (Picture shows City hall = Rathaus) In Summer time there are outdoor movies. You have a great view of the Rhein and the promenade and sit like the locals on the steps leading to the Rhine.


. . . to the river Rhine and the other side of the Rhine - Oberkassel. From here you have the chance to visit several museums and the "Altstadt" called the longest bar in Europe.


Though the place carries historical importance as a famous castle stood where this platz is here today, however there is not much of a "tourism" effect here. The place is generally nice being close to the river but not something spectacular that is worth paying any additional time.


Região cheia de restaurantes e lojas, fácil acesso através do metrô. Prédios antigos bem bonitos para tirar fotos e bem conservados.


Zwischen Rathaus und Rhein gelegen bietet der Burgplatz eine wunderbare Aussicht auf den Rhein, die Rheinpromenade und das andere Ufer. Hier sind einige Cafes und Geschäfte vor Ort. Auch eine Touristeninformation und ein Fanshop der Fortuna. Das schöne Rathaus ist direkt nebenan. Der Burgplatz ist natürlich auch gut mit dem ÖPNV zu erreichen da er direkt an der Altstadt liegt welche bestens vernetzt ist.


Были в январе. Интересный памятник и архитектура. Но очень небольшп площадь. Наверно, когда там ярмарки там всё "веселее" и привлекательнее


Passeio muito bom, local bonito com muitos bares e lojas. Na minha opinião vale mais a pena do que a konigesalle pra fazer compras


Старый город прекрасен всегда и везде. Дюссельдорф не исключение). Главная площадь - уютная, с традиционным памятником "На коне" в центре, с множеством прекрасных кафе и пивоварен - лучшее место для прогулок в любое время года. рядом рейнская набережная с ее фигурными платанами. Приезжайте, это прекрасно!

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