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deutsche oper am rhein



It was the opera that brought us to Dusseldorf - with careful picking of dates we managed to see 5 operas in 7 nights. And there's the problem with reviewing this as an attraction - it really depends on the opera you see, your expectations, and the performance on the night.La Traviata was performed on a blank stage with average performances.L'Elisir d'Amore was a delight - nicely staged, nicely sung, and with an appropriate amount of jollity.Carmen was disappointing - it seemed to lack the passion and seductiveness the opera needs from the lead.The magic flute was just weird - I don't understand the popularity of this opera (of the 5 performances we went to, only this one was sold out) - wherever we go it's on and, whilst I always walk out saying "never again", the next time we're on an opera trip there it is again, so I get a couple of cheap seats and walk out again saying "never again".Der fliegende Holländer was, without doubt and by a very long way, the highlight - performed, as Wagner intended, without intermission and I don't recall breathing during the 2 1/2 hours it was on - spectacular scenery, and amazing performances with not a single "weak" link - the electricity between the Dutchman and Senta when first they met was almost visible - the only tiny thing missing was, as seems usual these days, the final ascent of the couple to heaven, but I like to think the 2 orange lights separated by a white streak going upwards was implying that. Had it been on the next night I'd have gone again in an instant.You can pay a lot more elsewhere and see performances worse than these, and better - but this is not so expensive that it isn't worth the risk.


It was a delightful experience to see this opera. The minimum sets(decor) focus the attention on the brilliant performance of the opera singers. My first visit to Dusseldorf and the Oper am Rhein but definitely not the last.


The Oper am Rhein was brilliant and I really enjoyed the performance of La Traviatta. During interval we enjoyed our drinks and a snack - try it out if you are visiting this beautiful city.


Living in the Netherlands and a opera fan I visit several Opera Houses. But the Deutsche Oper am Rhein is only a few hours drive and it is great to stay in Dusseldorf. They have a very interesting programme and above all the prices for the seats are not so expensive as in the Big Opera Houses. Recently seen Tosca, with a very modern setting. Great. So I am curious what the setting of the opera Norma wil be which I m going to see.


We watched a modern Ballet, which was very beautifully done. The venue is great, the opera house is not very big with small seats. i would definitely go again


We went here for an opera. The opera house has a nice old fashion feel with red carpets, red chairs with just enough leg space and the occasional tough of gold.One negative: not enough toilets during rush hour (just before the performance and during the break).


We have seen several productions here and the Deutsche Oper am Rhein is a great venue. Prices are reasonable too.


We enjoyed the classical operette 'Die Csardas Furstin' at the Oper am Rhein. Great venue, nice hall and very friendly staff.


We went to Dusseldorf on September 8th for the start of the season of the Deutsche Oper with a very special Opern Rallye 2013 situated on different locations through the City. By getting stamps on a form you could win a performance. So we did for the Ballet B 17 on November 1th. I can teel you it was a great performance an d also the ambiance of the Opera House is sublime. So, we will travel besides the Royal Opera House London often to Dusseldorf. Anyway Dusseldorf has such a lot to offer. So, Just Go !!!!!


The standard of singing, acting, orchestral playing, variety of operas and number of performances plus low ticket prices(compared to the UK) makes a visit(or preferably several!) to the DOaR - either at Dussepdorf or Dusiburg - an unforgettable experience. Productions are inventive and no expense appears to be spared. The singers may not be international names(though some are and most should be!) but are as good if not better than the Royal Opera in London, as well as other, perhaps better known(Munich, Berlin State opera?) in Germany!


The opera house in Duesseldorf is on the smallish side, which is all to the good. The sight lines are great even from the side. We saw and heard two one-act operas by Zemlinsky. The direction of the first, A Florentine Tragedy, was problematic, since the director chose to present the opera as a dream by Bianca. In my opinion it worked; my wife was less convinced. The second opera, The Dwarf, began slowly but picked up when the dwarf showed up. Astunning work, well sung by all and especially by Raymond Very in the title role.


Opera fans will not find the opera house in Dusseldorf lacking and may be surprised but the top quality company and programme in the "country". Prices are attractive and tickets are available for "everyone". A wonderful find for Opera fans around the world !


This so-called provincial opera house and company has a rather good programming record. Building is great with some allure, general voices and orchestra are very good. Good availability of tickets and ticket prices are attractive. For those who are used to visiting the top houses, the Deutsche Oper am Rhein does not suffer from the disadvantages such as paying top-dollar for a disappointing "economy" performance.


In territory amidst companies from more reknown places like Vienna, Milan or Berlin, Dusseldorf Opera does just fine in a comparitive survey of relative quality, price, and ticket accessability. In partnership with the nearby, neighboring Opera Duisberg, "Duetsch Oper am Rhein" consistantly produces top-notch performances, leaning toward a traditional program, but in a pleasantly non-traditional way. Conservative audiences always get plenty to enjoy on the schedule. If, like me, you enjoy operas that are almost over the top, bloody, macabre or humorous spectacles, you will find some special treats.The opera is complimented by the fine Dusseldorfer Symphony, in a tasteful 1950's hall that saw renovations in 2005-'06. With a very solid ensemble of both long established vocalists, and cultivated younger talent, Dusseldorf Opera is well worth a visit. Check out a couple shows and the city in Springtime, and any opera lover will not be disappointed.


Ходил на оперетту "Сильва". Место приятное, уютное. Звук хороший, достаточно чёткий. Если говорить о качестве исполнения: среднее оно - не все играли и пели хорошо, да и голоса не дотягивали... Поэтому остался доволен том, что попал в эту оперу, но не доволен тем, что пошёл на "Сильву".

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